[Hero Wars Guide]Polaris with 50,000 power can beat Max Power teams

Polaris can triumph even with low power

  • Polaris is a control-oriented hero, relying more on skill than sheer power. Similar to other control heroes, she remains effective even with lower power levels.
  • In certain situations, Polaris can contribute well to a team even at 50,000 power, significantly enhancing your team’s flexibility.
  • By utilizing Polaris strategically, you can prioritize other heroes crucial for success. This not only facilitates efficient training but also benefits the entire team, especially for players in their early years of the game. The three-team structure of CoW can pose a challenge, and having a moderately trained Polaris can be a valuable asset.
[Hero Wars] Polaris

A note on upgrade Polaris

  • When using Polaris at lower power levels, focus on upgrading her third skill.
  • Polaris’s third skill extends certain control effects, synergizing well with Arachne and Faceless.
  • Prioritize extending Health glyphs to mitigate the impact of low health, expanding usage scenarios.
  • It is recommended to level up the first artifact to level 100 to leverage its magical attack enhancement properties.
  • When employing low-power pets, Biscuit is the most versatile as a patron pet. Even if both Polaris and Biscuit have lower power, they efficiently counter Sebastian!




Situations requiring higher power

  • Upgrade Polaris when facing teams with Axel as the team pet, especially when confronting Dante tanks and similar setups.

Combat Scenarios

Beat Assault Ishmael Team

Beat Dante Ishmael Team

Beat Dante Tank Team

(Cases requiring higher power)


  • Polaris is somewhat selective about the teams she fits into; she isn’t as universally adaptable as heroes like Iris or Sebastian. Compatibility with the heroes you are developing is crucial.
  • While she performs better with increased power, Polaris proves useful even with lower power levels!

Youtube Movies

Beat Assault Ishmael Team

Beat Dante Ishmael Team

Beat Dante Tank Team

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