[Hero Wars Guide]The Stranger from Frigid Space

[Hero Wars] Polaris

Event Guide

  • Year-end Hero Upgrade Event.
  • Quests are completed by developing various stats of the target hero.

Flavor Text

The great Polaris has been called down to the Dominion! Help her unleash her strength and light up Dominion!

Quests order

Subject is Polaris.

  • 1. Reach the Evolution level for Polaris (MAX Star 6)
  • 2. Promote your hero Polaris (MAX Red)
  • 3. Receive the Gift of the Elements level Polaris (MAX 30)
  • 4. Upgrade Target Skin (MAX 60)
  • 5. Complete Event Quest (MAX 54)
  • 6. Reach the 1st Artifact level Polaris (MAX 125)
  • 7. Reach the ability level totaling Polaris (MAX 320)
  • 8. Level up the glyph for Polaris (MAX 180)

Guidelines for Upgrade Polaris

If you currently have no plans to enhance Polaris, the following guidelines provide an overview. However, if you anticipate enhancing Polaris in the future, now is an opportune moment to commence the process.

  • Evolution: Evolution as much as possible without encountering significant challenges.
  • Equipment: Aim for purple or orange gear to optimize performance.
  • Element Gift: Reset the element gift after strengthening Polaris to level 30.
  • Skin: Pass.
  • 1st Artifact: Utilize the surplus of white artifacts to raise Polaris to level 17. Subsequently, carefully consider the surplus of materials for further enhancements.
  • Skill Levels: Increase the skill level by 20 each time you log in, allowing time to recover. Even with budget constraints, reaching a total of 80 is manageable.
  • Glyph Levels: To fully enjoy the event, consider raising the glyph level to a total of 25.

Tasks and Rewards

All Quests

Event History

  • Thursday, December 21, 2023 (10 days)

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