[Hero Wars Guide]Kayla’s Ascension

[Hero Wars] Kayla Fixes

What is the Kayla’s Ascension?

  • Coming in 2022.
  • Year-end Hero upgrade event.
  • Quests are completed by developing various stats of the target hero.

Flavor Text

Help Kayla shine and shed light on the farthest, darkest reaches of Dominion as she pursues her true heritage.

Quests order

Subject is Kayla.

  • 1. Reach the Evolution level (MAX 6)
  • 2. Promote your hero (MAX Red)
  • 3. Receive the Gift of the Elements level (MAX 25)
  • 4. Upgrade Skins (MAX 50)
  • 5. Complete Event Quest (MAX 38)
  • 6. Reach the Artifact level (MAX 80)
  • 7. Reach the ability level totaling (MAX 300)
  • 8. Level up the glyph (MAX 80)

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Event History

  • Friday, December 16, 2022 (7 days)

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