[Hero Wars Guide]Interplanetary Travel

[Hero Wars] Interplanetary Travel

What is Interplanetary Travel?

  • Stellar Skins Implementation Event.
  • This event differs from the previous event held under the same name for Julius implementation.
  • Enjoy an exclusive map, store, and daily quests for a limited time.
  • Major Changes in Boss Battle Specifications
  • This event will run for 7 days.
  • The exclusive store will remain open for 8 days.
  • Translation not yet completed.
[Hero Wars] Stellar Skins 2023

Flavor Text

A young genius, a charming cat, and a dauntless visionary of interplanetary travel all at once, Julius leaves behind his home planet to explore the world beyond the all-too-familiar horizons. Join Julius as he solves the riddles of the universe, meets new friends and resists dark temptation!

Official Message and Guide

Interplanetary Travel

  • The Interplanetary Travel event lasts seven days. Join the battle and earn Julius Coins to buy valuable resources, including new Stellar skins. Moreover, you can even get an Absolute Elemental Spirit Summoning Sphere for a series of victories!
  • You can find the entrance to the event map on the main screen:
  • When you enter the event map for the first time, only the level 130 boss will be available. You can start the first boss fight for free. It will not require any resources.
  • After that, the first fight with boss minions will be unlocked. To start a battle with minions, you will need 6 Robot Energy that you can earn by completing quests.
  • You will receive Cosmic Powers and other resources for winning battles with minions. Cosmic Powers help you in boss fights: they give you a buff. If you do not have enough Cosmic Powers, the fight will be next to impossible to win.

    When you start any boss fight, Cosmic Powers are immediately spent. It does not matter whether you win or lose. Cosmic Powers will not be returned.
  • Boss battles are tough, and you can add only certain heroes to your team. Before fighting the boss, ensure that (1) you have gathered a team that can counteract the boss and that (2) you have enough Cosmic Powers.
  • To increase the chance of defeating the boss on different levels, it is recommended to collect a certain amount of Cosmic Powers:

Recommended amount of Cosmic Powers

  • Boss level 130: recommended amount of Cosmic Powers — 0.
  • Boss level 140: recommended amount of Cosmic Powers — 20.
  • Boss level 150: recommended amount of Cosmic Powers — 30.
  • Boss level 160: recommended amount of Cosmic Powers — 40.
  • Boss level 170: recommended amount of Cosmic Powers — 60.
  • Boss level 180: recommended amount of Cosmic Powers — 70.
  • Boss level 190: recommended amount of Cosmic Powers — 90.
  • Boss level 200: recommended amount of Cosmic Powers — 100.
  • Boss level 210: recommended amount of Cosmic Powers — 110.
  • Boss level 220: recommended amount of Cosmic Powers — 130.
  • Boss level 230: recommended amount of Cosmic Powers — 140.
  • Boss level 240: recommended amount of Cosmic Powers — 170.
  • Boss level 250: recommended amount of Cosmic Powers — 190.
  • Boss level 260: recommended amount of Cosmic Powers — 210.
  • Boss level 270: recommended amount of Cosmic Powers — 230.

Notice of Event Specification Changes (9. Nov)

Hello! We and the developers are actively monitoring your feedback and the nuances you have encountered during the event. Based on your feedback, the developers are planning to make changes to the Interplanetary Travel Event

We have changed the event rules (10. Nov)

The new Stellar Adventure event started today, featuring new Boss battle mechanics and a new buff called Cosmic Powers, which helps you to deal with the Boss more easily. While we are happy to see your enthusiasm for picking the right teams and experimenting, we can see that in some cases the Boss battles were too challenging, and the mechanic of losing Cosmic Powers upon defeat made the battles even more difficult.

Thank you for your constructive feedback — we have changed the event rules to make it easier and more enjoyable to participate:

  • The Cosmic Powers now reset only when the Boss is defeated, and losing does not reset the buff counter — feel free to experiment with your team!
  • We have lowered the difficulty of the Boss and reduced enemy damage in Boss fights — use more Heroes in battles against the Old Competitor!
  • Within 24 hours we will send half of the expended Robot Energy to all players who spent Cosmic Powers in Boss battles — use it again to strengthen your team and defeat the Old Competitor!

Play Guide

How to proceed with the dedicated map event

Step 1

  • Acquire minions fight items and coins from the event store through quests and daily tasks.
  • Simultaneously, engage in boss battles. Once the boss is defeated at least once, the first minion battle is unlocked.
  • Save the minion battles until you can defeat them without buffs and focus on defeating boss only.
  • Resemble boss battles when time permits; however, playtime is a personal matter. You need to decide when to use buffs with some degree of discretion.

Step 2

  • Obtain boss battle items and coins from the dedicated store through quests and daily quests.
  • For every 6 boss battle items collected, one boss battle is possible.
  • Winning a boss fight earns you 1,500 coins from the exclusive shop.
  • Use coins from the dedicated store to obtain soul stones, equipment, and other items for new Hero.
[Hero Wars Guide] Interplanetary Travel 2_1


  • Help Julius defeat his Old Competitor. Travel the Universe and accumulate Cosmic Powers to teach the big-headed governor a lesson!
  • The event will last for one week. On the first day, you’ll be able to fight the governor, unlocking the first planet if you win. The rest of the planets will unlock over the next 5 days. Each planet will give you the chance to win some Julius Coins, Cosmic Powers, and other unique rewards. 
  • The Old Competitor will grow stronger every time you defeat him, and the first victory over him at every new level will get you a reward as part of the Glorious Victories quest. Accumulate Cosmic Powers and make good use of them in your battles against the governor to reach the highest difficulty level. 
  • Quests reset at 02:00 a.m. GMT every day. The boss battle difficulty increases every time you win. If you don’t want to power-up bosses, defeat them during Raids. You’ll have 1 day after the event ends to spend your remaining Julius Coins in the shop.
  • You need Robot Energy for the boss battles. You can obtain it as a reward for some special quests. Show the whole Universe how skilled you are with Julius and his team!

Boss Battle

In game: supplementary information

This battle doesn’t require Robot Energy, but you have a Cosmic Powers buff to apply. You’ll lose the buff after the battle whether you win or lose. Stock up on Cosmic Powers before you attack a boss!

Boss Battle Team Example

  • Oliver is recommended.
  • Screenshot taken after defeating level 140 boss.
  • There is a confirmed report of the team successfully defeating bosses up to level 170 without using any buffs.
  • Change Judge to Thea after Level 160.
  • Oliver should patronize Julius and Biscuit should patronize Peppy.

On the Difference Between Winning and Losing

There are three key points to consider

  • Fafnir’s first shield must reach Jorgen. This aspect relies on luck, so with repeated attempts, victory may be achieved!
  • Who will be debuffed by enemy spells? The pattern that the debuff is applied to Thea has a large impact. Try repeatedly to deal with it.
  • Currently, even if you select maximum power (max) in guild battles or combat training, only the ascension tree (role branches) will be set to the player’s current value. The same mechanism applies to this event. Consequently, depending on their training status, some players may find it challenging to secure a victory.
More Info of Max Power

Kill 170 no buff

  • Team: Oliver || Julius – Oliver | Jorgen | Peppy – Bisquit | Thea | Fafnir
  • Need to try many times.
  • Perhaps some may not be able to beat it depending on how much they’ve upgraded their Role Branches.

Kill 180 no buff

  • Essentially follows the same strategy as beating the 170 level.
  • After the event rule change, it is now relatively easy to beat.
  • Not everyone may succeed, but it’s essential to have developed your Ascension tree (Role branches) close to its maximum potential.

Kill 190 no buff

  • Thanks to the event rule change, it’s now achievable without buffs!
  • However, depending on the training status of the Ascension tree (Role branches), some players may still find it challenging.

Kill 200

  • With the updated event rules, defeating it with buff level 5 is now an option.
  • Depending on the upgrade of the Ascension Tree (Role branches), it is possible to beat it without buffs.

Kill 210 – 250

This manual play strategy helped to kill 240 boss at 50 resist and 250 boss 60 resist and similarly for lower bosses. This will also help to kill 260 boss at 70 resist probably

Kill 270

Boss Power Data and required Buffs

Boss Power
(Before Fix)
Boss Power
(After Fix)
Cosmic Powers
Cosmic Powers
2402,0002,00017050 * Manual
2502,1002,10019060 * Manual

How to “Rerolling” (Good Pattern, Bad Pattern)

  • The initial moment is crucial and determines the outcome. There are two key points.
  • First, ensure that the white gauge (Fafnir’s buff) is on Jorgen’s head.
  • Second, make sure the enemy’s spell targets Peppy or Fafnir.
  • Buffing Jorgen is a must, but the spell targeting is optional.
  • Pressing the ESC key on the keyboard is faster than accessing the pause menu with the mouse.
Good Pattern
Bad Pattern

About the flow after a successful “Rerolling”

  • Drawing a winning pattern in “Rerolling” is a prerequisite, but success doesn’t guarantee victory!
  • Insufficient buffs will lead to defeat (the amount required depends on the boss level and your personal role branch).
  • Outcomes can be influenced by factors like which debuff is triggered by Peppy’s first skill and other random elements!
  • Particularly for lvl 270 bosses, the win rate is low even when meeting the requirements!
  • While auto mode is possible, manual control, especially by someone capable of assessing the battle situation in real time and timing Jorgen correctly, can significantly improve the win rate.

Amount of buffs required

  • The necessary buffs to defeat a boss depend on the strength of the role branches.
  • The minimum values in the table are for individuals who have already reached the maximum level of the role branch and spare no effort in attempting to beat the boss. Even in such cases, the win rate for a lvl 270 boss is estimated to be 1/2,000 to 1/3,000!
  • If the role branch is lacking, many can win by adding 5 to 10 to the minimum value. The choice between 5 or 10 depends on personal development. Since the tank role branch is crucial, enhancing it may reduce the required buffs.
  • To increase the win rate due to time constraints, it’s necessary to increase the number of buffs.
  • (The amount of buff required is said to be slightly less for the Facebook version than for the Web version.

How to determine the amount of buffs needed

  • Judgment is based on the first Orion attack.
  • If you’ve drawn the winning pattern in Resemara but all characters except Fafnir are defeated, the buffs are definitely insufficient.
  • If you’ve attempted it 100 times and haven’t won, it’s possible that the buffs are insufficient or simply the number of attempts is inadequate!

Boss Battles Aside from the Old Competitor (Minions)

  • After defeating the Old Competitor, other bosses will appear on the map.
  • Unlike the Old Competitor, they do not count towards quest completion.
  • Also, unlike the Old Competitor, these battles require Robot Energy.
  • Get Buffs (Cosmic Powers).
  • Can Raidable.

Cosmic Powers

  • Triumph against any boss except the Old Competitor and gain a valuable buff!
  • This buff is exclusively for boss encounters.
  • Note that this buff can be stacked and cumulative effectiveness is crucial.
  • Be mindful, it’s a one-time use: you’ll lose it in case of defeat, retreat, or if you choose to purchase it.
  • Employ this buff strategically for challenging bosses.

Boss & Minions Rewards

Recommended: Icy Horror (Choice of Radiant Crystal)

Boss/MinionsRewardsWorth Emeralds:Start DayEnd Day
Old Competitor3,000 Julius Coin1,920Thu, Nov. 9, 2023Thu, Nov. 16, 2023
Minion – Day 1
Call of Freedom
1,500 Julius Coin
4 Skin Stone Chest
5 Cosmic Powers
1,011Thu, Nov. 9, 2023Thu, Nov. 16, 2023
Minion – Day 2
Dark Temptation
1,500 Julius Coin
12 Choice of Crystal
5 Cosmic Powers
989Fri, Nov. 10, 2023Thu, Nov. 16, 2023
Minion – Day 3
Cold Calculation
1,500 Julius Coin
6 Choice of Vibrant Crystal
5 Cosmic Powers
989Sat, Nov. 11, 2023Thu, Nov. 16, 2023
Minion – Day 4
Icy Horror
1,500 Julius Coin
3 Choice of Radiant Crystal
5 Cosmic Powers
989Sun, Nov. 12, 2023Thu, Nov. 16, 2023
Minion – Day 5
1,500 Julius Coin
4 Choice of Insignia
5 Cosmic Powers
980Mon, Nov. 13, 2023Thu, Nov. 16, 2023
Minion – Day 6
Dark Haven
1,500 Julius Coin
2 Choice of Greater Insignia
5 Cosmic Powers
980Tue, Nov. 14, 2023Thu, Nov. 16, 2023

Daily Quest Notes

  • Five exclusive daily quests will appear daily on the dedicated map.
  • 4 x1 prize items and 1 x2 prize item each day. Get 6 items per day if you clear all of them.
  • The update timing of the exclusive daily quests is based on the system update time (11:00 a.m. Japan time).
  • It is safer to stand by and not do the daily routine before the event’s quests are updated.
  • Daily quest rewards not received from the map will be delivered to Mail, but there is a 3-day limit to receive them.
  • If you receive the Daily Quest reward by mail, the quest is completed when you receive it in the mail.
  • If you receive the reward by mail on the last day, you will not be able to complete “5. Complete the Daily Quest of the Special Map”.
[Hero Wars Guide] Interplanetary Travel Daily Quests Reword

Quests Order

  • 1. Log in (MAX 7)
  • 2. VIP Level (MAX 7)
  • 3. Buy Emerald (MAX 90,000)
  • 4. Spend Emerald (MAX 120,000)
  • 5. Complete missions on the special event map (MAX 35)
  • 6. Spend Energy (MAX 18,000)
  • 7. Open Outland Chest (MAX 250)
  • 8. Defeat the Boss (MAX 270 Level)

Task List

Daily Quests

Day 1

  • Upgrade the Gift of the Elements to level 1
  • Upgrade any hero’s skin 1 time
  • Complete 5 summon in the Summoning Circle!
  • Spend 500 Tower Coin
  • Start or join 1 adventure

Day 2

  • Begin 1 Expedition
  • Fight 3 time in the Arena or Grand Arena
  • Complete 5 mission
  • Use EXP potion(1)
  • Use Pet Summoning 1 time

Day 3

  • Spend 200 Energy
  • Get 50 Soul Stone of any hero
  • Spend 500 Arena Coin
  • Collect 75 Titanite in the Guild Dungeon
  • Start or join 1 adventure

Day 4

  • Perform summons in the Soul Atrium (1)
  • Complete 5 summon in the Summoning Circle!
  • Open 3 chest in Outlands
  • Begin 1 Expedition
  • Fight 5 time in the Arena or Grand Arena

Day 5

  • Complete 5 mission
  • Upgrade any hero’s skin 1 time
  • Use emerald exchange 1 time
  • Spend 500 Tower Coin
  • Use Pet Summoning 1 time

Day 6

  • Upgrade the Gift of the Elements to level 1
  • Fight 3 time in the Arena or Grand Arena
  • Open 5 chest in the Tower
  • Open 3 chest in Outlands
  • Start or join 1 adventure

Day 7

  • Spend 200 Energy
  • Open 5 chest in the Tower
  • Use EXP potion(1)
  • Open 3 chest in the Adventures
  • Use emerald exchange 1 time

Event Shop

Explanation of cost performance and other factors when converted to emeralds.

Group Gift

Day 1

[Hero Wars Guide] Interplanetary Travel 2 Group Gift_1

Day 4

Day 7

After Event

The event, its quests, and the special map will disappear on 4/24, 2 AM UTC, and the Raven’s Vault will be there for one more day, till 4/25, 2 AM UTC. Shortly after the shop’s closing, your remaining Robot Energys and Julius Coins will be exchanged for Julius Dolls: 

  • 750 Julius Coin = 1 Julius Doll 
  • 3 Robot Energys = 1 Julius Doll

You will need to reload your browser to receive this.

Also, a due date will be set for receipt.

Receive rewards after the event

  • Unclaimed bundle shares will be available in your Mail for 30 days.
  • Unclaimed quest rewards will be available in your Mail for 3 days.

To receive an extra Julius Doll

  • The above automatic conversion rounds up fractions. Leave it so that there is a fraction.
  • Finish the event by intentionally not receiving 1 Robot Energy in the quest and leaving it on the quest.
  • Leave 1 Robot Energy at hand as well. Preparation up to this point.
  • After the event shop is closed, reload your browser and you will receive 1 Julius Doll in your e-mail based on 1 Robot Energy that you left in your hand.
  • At this time, 1 Robot Energy left on the quest will also be left in the mail. After receiving 1 Julius Doll, receive 1 Robot Energy and reload the browser.
  • Check your Mail, and you will receive the 1 Robot Energy again.
  • This way, you can convert 2 Robot Energy into 2 Julius Dolls.
  • You can do the same thing with a fraction of a Julius Coin.
  • If a guild member gives you a Bundle, you can aim to round up a fraction of the bundle in the same way.
  • [Note: This method may or may not work for some events. If it works, I’ll be happy…

Event History

  • Thursday, November 09, 2023 (7 days)

Event Bundle

Research Funding

Youtube Play Movie

Level 170 Auto No Buffs – XJR

Level 130- 180 Auto No Buffs – Marzuki Robert

Level 200 – 230 Auto – XJR

Level 240 250 Auto Buff 55 65 – XJR

Level 240 250 Manual Buff 50 60 – Sayan

Level 240 250 Manual Buff 50 60 – Ganji

Level 260 Manual Buff 70 – Ganji

How to Rerolling – Hero Wars Koryaku Channnel

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  1. SaKaE48 says:

    This article may add rewards (Loot) of winning a battle to minions:
    Common: Julius Coin x1500; Cosmic Power x5; and
    – Day 1 Call of Freedom: Skin Stone Chest x4
    – Day 2 Dark Temptation: Choice of Crystal x12
    – Day 3 ???
    If player hope to get a certain reward, such as Choice of Crystal rather than Skin Stone Chest, do not spend all Robot Energy in Day 1.


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