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War flags and Patterns

  • These appear as enhancements to hero battles.
  • War flags and patterns are available for special buffing effects and Stats increases.
  • One banner and three patterns can be used per team.
  • They are currently only available on the Mysterious Island.
  • Currently, they are only available in Guild Wars and Arenas. CoW and Guild Raids are not supported.
  • The official message suggests testing, but it is currently not supported in guild battles and Combat Training. On the day of implementation, in the given environment, War flags cannot be set even if Guild War are selected in Combat Training.
  • In English, it is called a “War Flag”, but internally it is referred to as a “Banner”. The terminology may vary depending on the language.
  • To be honest, at the current stage of its debut, there isn’t much difference whether it is present or not. In the end, it is likely to have its own significance.

Official Messages

War Flag and Pattern!

The second part of the Mysterious Island is now in the game — hurry up and claim your first War Flag and Pattern! They are waiting for you in the first Tower at the beginning of the new part of the map. Their enhancements can give your teams a unique advantage and influence the outcome of matches you’re used to — share the results of your experiments with us!

  • There are 4 types of Patterns and 2 War Flags on the map, whose unique abilities you can learn about in the game — you can use them an unlimited number of times in Guild War and Arena modes, whether you’re attacking or defending.
  • War Flags and Patterns from the second part of the Island map will not disappear with the Seasonal Adventure and will be available for obtaining in the future — each of you will have the opportunity to strengthen your team with them!
  • Different combinations of War Flags and Patterns will expand your team customization options and allow you to make your heroes more effective with unique boosts. This will make your battles more diverse and varied, so don’t forget to experiment — it’s the key to victory! 
  • Among the unique Patterns found on the map, you may encounter duplicates, but don’t worry, they will come in handy for further Pattern enhancement, which we will tell you more about later!
  • Note that each War Flag can be strengthened by inserting 3 Patterns into it, and to make it easier to get Patterns — during the week, we will be giving away Explorer’s Moves, enough to obtain 2 more Patterns that you can use to enhance your War Flag. The first letter with Explorer’s Moves is already waiting for you in the mail.

Hurry to claim the Explorer’s Moves from the Mail, get your first War Flag and Pattern, and share the results of your battle experiments in the ⁠📝news-discussion channel! And don’t forget to ask any questions you may have — we will definitely answer them in our future posts!

Official FAQ

We have noticed that War Flags and Patterns have raised several questions, and we want to provide answers!

  • Q. Will War Flags and Patterns be available for obtaining after the end of the Seasonal Adventure?
  • A. Yes, these Flags can be found on new maps in future Seasonal Adventures. You will be able to use any unused Explorer Moves.
  • Q. Can War Flags be obtained without spending real money?
  • A. Yes, all War Flags and Patterns will eventually become available, but it will require time and effort to obtain them.
  • Q. Do the properties of War Flags affect the pet patronage skills?
  • A. No, the properties of a War Flags only affect the first two pets (skills: it’s White and Green).
  • Q. What are duplicates of War Flags used for?
  • A. In the future, the mechanics of War Flags and Patterns may be enhanced — to make sure we stay tuned, we will store duplicates for updates!
  • Q. Is it possible to extract a Pattern from one War Flag and insert it into another?
  • A. Yes, this is possible for a certain amount of in-game Gold.

To make your exploration of the Mysterious Island even more exciting, we have already sent you additional Explorer’s Moves in the game — check your mail! See you in the game!

[Hero Wars] War flags FAQ

Upgrade Patterns

Many of you have already strengthened your War Flags with various types of Patterns and increased the power of your team, but we have more to share — the upcoming December update will allow you to upgrade Patterns and add a new War Flag and Pattern to the Mysterious Island! 

  • You can level up a Pattern by combining it with a Pattern of the same Type (for example, an Armor Pattern with an Armor Pattern) and Level (there will be 7 levels of Patterns in the game: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Red, and Ultimate). As the Pattern level increases, the guaranteed boost to the Pattern attribute will also increase. 
  • For example, if the White Armor Pattern provides a 1% bonus, the Green one will provide a 2% bonus. 
  • In addition to a second Pattern of the same Type and Level, you will need a special Golden Thread to increase the level of a Pattern — a consumable that can be obtained by disassembling Patterns (the higher the Pattern level, the more Golden Thread you’ll get), as well as on the map of the Mysterious Island and through other means. 
  • The Ultimate level of a Pattern differs from the others: in addition to the guaranteed bonus from the Red level of a Pattern, you can add one random buff of the same attribute. For this, you won’t need a second Pattern of the same level (but you will need a new item — Golden Thread), and the number of attempts to add one buff is unlimited. 
  • For example, you may get +1% Armor to your Armor Pattern, but you might also get lucky and receive +3% to Armor buff, whereby if you get a less powerful Armor buff on a subsequent improving attempt, your Pattern will retain the more powerful buff. 

Note: Terms and info presented in this post might become subject to change! Also, don’t forget to claim the last batch of Explorer’s Moves — we have already sent them, check your mail and share your thoughts on upcoming update in the ⁠news-discussion channel!

[Hero Wars] War flags and Patterns

More About War Flags

We have news about upcoming Battle Flags changes, here’s what awaits you:

  • On December 4th, a new adventure map will be available, where you will encounter a new flag and pattern with new abilities. Try to guess what they will be?
    UPDATE: The new adventure map will become available on December 7th, not December 4th. We apologize for the confusion.
  • A bit later, Pattern upgrades will become available! As we announced, Patterns will have 7 levels of progression, from white to ultimate. To upgrade a Pattern, you will need two Patterns of the same level plus a special resource — Golden Thread.
  • You can obtain Golden Thread by finding it on the adventure map, disassembling Patterns, or by other in-game activities. Please note that Patterns are disassembled irreversibly, and you will need to obtain them again.
  • White-level patterns can be extracted from Battle Flag with a small gold fee. Upgraded Patterns will require a certain price in emeralds.
  • You will also be able to use patterns not only in the Arena and Guild Wars but also in the Grand Arena and Clash of the Worlds!

Updata: December 07, 2023

We are here to share another batch of important news

  • Pattern Upgrading and Disassembly mechanics will also be added to the game later today. To level up a Pattern, you’ll need a second Pattern of the same Type and Level, as well as Golden Thread — a consumable that can be obtained by disassembling Patterns (the higher the Pattern level, the more Golden Thread you’ll get), as well as on the map of the Mysterious Island and through other means.
  • War Flags will become available in two more game modes: Grand Arena and Clash of Worlds!
  • New Seasonal Adventure map will open tomorrow, where you can find new War Flag and Pattern, as well as the War Flags and Patterns from the previous Mysterious Island map!
  • New War Flag will reduce the enemy team’s healing rate by 10%, and the new Pattern will decrease the Dodge rate of the opponent team’s Heroes.
  • Please note that your activated Explorer’s Moves subscription in the Seasonal Adventure hasn’t gone anywhere — you’ll be able to claim Moves for two days starting tomorrow and use them on the new map!

In Game Guide

About War flags

  • The setting screen can be accessed from the hero list screen.
  • The number of War flag types is being considered for expansion in the future.

About Patterns

  • Three patterns can be equipped on the War flag. The patterns are effective only when they are equipped on the War flag and the War flag is organized.
  • No more than one of the same pattern can be equipped on one War flag. Three different patterns must be selected.
  • Once a pattern is attached to a War flag, gold is consumed to remove it.

War flags

War flag of Fervor

Good for Aurora. This technique can also prove useful beyond Aurora when adjusting the timing of armor buffs.

War flag of Pet Strength


Weaving Patterns

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