[Hero Wars Guide]Battle flag Chest

[Hero Wars Guide] Battle flag Chest_chooce

Item Guide

[Hero Wars Guide]Battle flag Chest
  • Acquire the War Flag of your choice.
  • It is anticipated that additional battle flags will be introduced to the game over time. Depending on your playstyle and hero upgrade, it might be wise to reserve a flag until a more fitting one becomes available.
[Hero Wars Guide] Battle flag Chest


  • You cannot select a War Flags you have already obtained.
  • In the future, there may be restrictions for some players.
  • Keeping a small stock of this item is advisable, so it’s acceptable to consider it for future use.


Inventory > Consumables > Click on the item, then Use > Determine the flag in the following screen, then press Use.

[Hero Wars Guide] Battle flag Chest_chooce

How to Obtain

  • Available on Winter Island.
  • There is a chance that additional methods for acquiring this item will be introduced in the future.

Optimal Path on Winter Island

[Hero Wars Guide] Battle flag Chest in Winter Island

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