[Hero Wars Guide]War flag of Pet Strength

[Hero Wars Guide] War flag of Pet Strength


  • One of the battle flags, enhancing the power of the Companion pet and making it highly versatile.
  • When assessing its strength, it may not seem overwhelmingly powerful.
  • The War Flag boosts the performance of two pet skills but doesn’t accelerate their activation speed.
  • It doesn’t impact the performance of the Patron pets.
  • Notably practical is its application in increasing the debuff cut rate of Khorus. It’s recommended for those with strong Khorus, as it doesn’t significantly benefit baby or weaker Khorus.
  • It synergizes well with Vex’s companion skill.
  • It also fortifies the abilities of pets like Axel and Albus. However, its utility in interpersonal battles may be somewhat questionable when compared to other battle flags. In many instances, its presence or absence may not make a substantial difference.


  • Recommended to be used with pets with strong power dependence.
  • Not so useful for pets that have not been trained well, or for weak power-dependent pets such as Biscuit.
  • It is versatile enough for general use, but its practicality diminishes when applied to specific situations. Overall, its strength is not particularly outstanding. Additionally, it holds little significance for individuals with weaker pets, and it is advisable to consider alternative battle flags.

[Hero Wars Guide] KhorsuVEX

About the Effect

  • The pet power is 12,360 at purple +3.
  • Increasing the pet power by 10% at purple +3 raises it to 13,596.
  • The effect is cumulative and multiplies. It is most effective for pets that have been fully upgraded.
[Hero Wars Guide] Khorus Stat

Examples of Effects


When Axel is trained to the maximum, the damage dispersion of Bubbles of Justice increases from 685,800 to 753,780. This equates to 67,980 extra damage, roughly equivalent to a normal attack from a physical DPS.

[Hero Wars Guide] Axel Healthy Snack


When Khorus is trained to the maximum, the success rate of debuff cuts rises from about 70% to approximately 74%. While seemingly a slight difference, it holds significance in situations where the goal is to transition from 19 wins in 20 fights to a perfect 20 wins.

[Hero Wars Guide] Khorus The Indomitable

Method of Acquisition

  • There is a possibility that a permanent acquisition method will be introduced in the future, although none currently exists.
  • Obtainable on the Mysterious Island.
  • The most direct route is as follows:
[Hero Wars Guide] War flag of Pet Strength on Mysterious Island

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