[Hero Wars Guide]What Does Corvus Represent in 2024?

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In the early half of 2023, Corvus stood among the top four tanks, sharing the spotlight with Rufus, Asteroth, and Aurora. Yet, as time progresses, it appears Corvus is gradually losing his stronghold.

  • The much-anticipated Health Skin remains absent, and amidst the enhancements of tank capabilities against one another, Corvus seems slightly overwhelmed. Meanwhile, other tanks have enjoyed good updates!
  • Keira‘s update introduced synergies for undead team compositions, yet the reception was lukewarm at best. This, in turn, has somewhat tarnished Corvus’ standing.
  • Consequently, Corvus is witnessing a decline in his once formidable status. Increasingly, he’s no longer viewed as a pivotal tank, despite his excellence.
  • He remains the premier tank against adversaries like Yasmine, Keira, and Kayla, and continues to be a crucial element of CoW’s factory defense strategies. However, when juxtaposed with Rufus and Aurora’s current versatility, Corvus’ all-rounder capabilities seem wanting.
  • Tanks such as Galahad, who has significantly benefited from updates, alongside Mushy and Shroom, whose usability has been enhanced through new skins, have seen their status ascend. This shift has adversely impacted Corvus, relegating him in the competitive hierarchy of aggressive tanks.

Corvus’ Current Team Dynamics

For now, Corvus’ team dynamics remain largely consistent.

  • The undead team synergy holds some practicality.
  • He fulfills the tank role within control teams, benefiting from Biscuit’s patronage.
  • He excels in dual-tanking roles, particularly alongside Aurora.

Given these points, Corvus still has a role to play, ensuring his continued relevance in future engagements. For instance, Corvus can secure 20 consecutive victories against the following defenses:

Strong Corvus Team Sumple

Recommended Undead Heroes for Corvus teams

[Hero Wars]Morrigan[Hero Wars]Phobos

Recommended Control Heroes for Corvus teams

[Hero Wars]Arachne[Hero Wars]Amira[Hero Wars]JorgenPolaris

The Future Prospects for Corvus

  • There’s a noticeable uptick in defenses deploying Aurora and Heidi. Corvus, being a counter to both Aurora and Heidi, may see his relevance revitalized as their usage escalates.
  • Anticipated updates, such as the introduction of Ascension skills and Health skins, could bolster Corvus’ position.
  • Enhancements to the effectiveness of pure damage teams might open new avenues for Corvus to shine within those compositions.

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