[Hero Wars Guide]Arachne

[Hero Wars]Arachne

About Arachne

  • Arachne is an assassin who pilots a mysterious mech.
  • She reigned as the most popular and formidable controller from 2021 to 2023, boasting two distinct stun abilities.
  • She synergizes effectively with heroes such as Dante, Amira, Helios, and Lian. Those with potent pets can effortlessly assemble powerful teams.

Arachne’s Strengths and Team Strategy

  • Arachne’s stun abilities are effective regardless of skill level, making them accessible even to beginners.
  • The influence of Mara as a patron significantly determines her utility, allowing Arachne to be combat-ready without extensive upgrades.
  • When developed meticulously, Arachne tanks can prove effective, depending on the adversary’s defensive lineup. However, facing teams with robust physical firepower often turns into a game of chance contingent upon critical hits.
  • The pairing of an Arachne tank with Dante is particularly renowned.
  • In offensive teams, the synergy between Faceless, patronized by Merlin, is favored and frequently adopted. Specifically, augmenting this composition with Jorgen is the quintessential configuration for a control-oriented attack team. Furthermore, combinations with Daredevil and Judge find considerable use.
  • Sebastian is often employed as a countermeasure, yet it can be overcome through synergy with Biscuit’s Patron effect and Lian.
  • With a well-structured team, the initial stun can be employed to effectively incapacitate the opponent.
  • Arachne possesses a skill focused on pure damage, enabling her to maintain consistent firepower.
  • Her positioning near the vanguard facilitates preemptive stuns by leveraging damage taken.
  • Her main stat, speed, bolsters her armor. Additionally, her blood-sucking ability, combined with partial immunity to attacks while airborne during her first skill activation, provides her with a degree of unpredictability, albeit with robust endurance.
  • The renowned strategy is to leave HP glyphs and skins slightly incomplete and tuned lower. This allows opponents to misjudge the timing of skill activation.
  • In CoW, she stands as the foremost engineer defender, with even a single successful defense replenishing her gauge and increasing the likelihood of executing the first stun.
  • When deployed in a defensive formation, opponents often assume patronization by Mara. Patronizing Albus, however, can lead to thwarted enemy attacks.

Arachne’s Vulnerabilities

  • Deploying Arachne without a tailored strategy against teams featuring Sebastian can render her ineffective. Countermeasures against Sebastian are imperative.
  • Khorus serves as a formidable counter and can significantly impede her effectiveness.
  • As a general rule, defensive teams should incorporate debuff mitigation measures. Consequently, opting for Arachne requires comprehensive planning, including the development and preparation of countermeasure heroes for debuff mitigation.
  • Essential to Arachne’s effectiveness is the development of Mara as her patron. By including her among the initial five heroes, pet reinforcement resources may be distributed unevenly between acceleration and DPS pets, resulting in suboptimal training.
  • Arachne is often described as a hero with substantial strengths yet pronounced frailty. Losing her and providing the enemy with gauge can lead to devastating defeats. Consequently, when employed by players with less coordinated attacks, the outcome often favors refraining from an attack altogether.
  • Her first artifact enhances magic penetration. While this can be advantageous, it also renders her susceptible to Isaac. Moreover, when this attribute cannot be leveraged, wasted potential weakens team synergy, making it vulnerable to outperformance by other adversaries.
  • Her first skill’s targeting is determined by Health, rendering her susceptible to decoys if not strategically countered. Nevertheless, by prioritizing the elimination of decoys through formidable DPS firepower, teams can effectively neutralize this countermeasure.
  • As a hero specializing in control, she can be considered highly specialized for specific adversary matchups, rendering her less effective outside of anti-personnel engagements.

Flavor Text

There’s no trace of humanity left in her: she’s a perfect assassin now. Arachne’s hypnotic gaze freezes her prey, and her claws tear the unfortunate victim apart.


Hyper Jump

  • Arachne makes a Hyper Jump towards the lowest-health enemy, deals damage, and leaps back. The jump triggers an explosion wave on hitting the target, stunning nearby enemies for 5 seconds.
  • Damage: 74,135 (95% Magic attack + Level x 60)

Demolition Robot

  • Summons a monster that charges at the first enemy it sees, exploding and stunning enemies for 2 seconds.
  • Explosion damage: 26,148 (30% Magic attack + Level x 40)


  • Arachne triggers a minefield under nearby enemies, dealing pure damage.
  • Pure damage: 21,357 (25% Magic attack + Level x 30 + 600)

Plasma Explosion

  • If the target’s health drops below 20% during Hyper Jump, Arachne deals extra pure damage.
  • Pure damage: 165,652 (200% Magic attack + Level x 200 + 8,000)



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