[Hero Wars Guide]Phobos’ favored way

[Hero Wars Guide]Phobos' favored way

Phobos’ Combat Expertise

  • In what situations does Phobos excel, given that he is often considered challenging to use?
  • One such scenario is when there is only one hero on the opponent’s team whose main stat is speed.
  • This is because Phobos’ first skill targets the hero with the highest physical attack, enabling precise targeting.

Achieving Victory through Strategic Flow

  • In certain cases, Phobos’ first skill might target a different opponent than expected, such as Dante when he is airborne due to skill activation or an opponent whose stats have been lowered by a debuff.
  • In such situations, you define and design a timeline. For instance, you arrange the team so that when Dante activates his skill and no one can be defeated, Phobos absorbs the damage as gauge. In this situation, after Dante’s skill activation, but before his next one, Phobos can skillfully counter-attack. Consequently, Phobos can reliably target Dante.
  • Leveraging such a flow of the timeline to create a well-coordinated battle scene is known as “flow design” or simply “flow.” This approach requires strategic thinking and is ideal for players who enjoy using their intellect rather than relying solely on manual operation.

Examples of Actual Battles

1. Defeat Dante

2. Defeat Iris

3. Defeat Heidi

4. Defeat Rufus

Note: Rufus cannot be revived due to Morrigan‘s presence during this time.

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