[Hero Wars Guide]Which Control to Upgrade in 2022

[Hero Wars Guide]Which Control to Upgrade in 2022


Which heroes should you choose to upgrade in Hero Wars 2022?
Here we describe the main candidates for the Control role.
We hope this will help you choose the heroes you will upgrade in the future.

High dependence on Skill Level and low dependence on Status is the Control heroes.
There are many scenes where they can be operated at low cost, making them useful from the beginning of the game.
However, most of the Control heroes are active only against opponents. They are almost never used in Guild Raids.
If it is asked whether they are cost-effective, it depends on the way you think about it.
Currently, Arachne and Lian are the two most popular. However, this may change in the future as they are the two who will be affected by the addition of Khorus.



In the early stages of the game, Jorgen is in high demand after Martha.
Few players understand the importance of debuffing from the beginning. In addition, Jorgen’s skill level in the first and fourth skills is sufficient. Therefore, he can concentrate on training other heroes. In addition, soul stones are easy to obtain.
When Sebastian comes around, he is easily prevented, so his opportunities tend to be limited to debuff-specific teams and Jorgen Canon.


The most popular and powerful control in 2022, with two types of stuns, one of which is a very powerful stun, and one of which is a very powerful stun.
Do you know the Arachne Tank? In the lead placement, it may let the enemy Sebastian attack first with stuns. Often, it wins brilliantly by not letting him do anything with infinite stuns.
As it is described as strong and fragile, You will regret if you make a lax appointment in guild battles.
Arachne’s own upgrade is modest but practical, and many people stop training her. In addition, Mara, the patron, needs to be finished well.
It is a good match for Dante, Amira, Helios, Lian and other currently popular heroes. This makes it easy for those with strong pets to build a strong team.


If Arachne is an offensive debuff, Lian is a protective debuff.
She finely stalls enemies with Charm and gives time to her allies. Especially Aurora, Arachne, Amira, and Heidi are easily helped by Lian.
Sebastian can easily block them. But…she has the patience to slowly wear down debuff cuts and wait for the right moment.
Her status is well-balanced offensively and defensively, and a well-trained purple Mara is a must, but depending on the opponent, say Lian Solo, Lian can win by herself.
Due to this nature, to some extent, it is possible to win the Grand Arena with only six heroes in training.


Amira is classified as a Support, but her usability is Control + DPS, with an obstruction buff and a powerful overall magic attack.
The obstruction buff is effectively a debuff, but Sebastian, Nebula, and Celeste cannot prevent it.
The Magic Attack Skill is a heavy blow, and Isaac can be killed by a single hit before he can counter.
She is weak to hit, her attacks are slow, and her magic penetration status is lacking. Therefore, Arachne, who can provide comprehensive support, is an extremely good match.
It is popular among top players because of its ease of handling high-level defenses. However, it is difficult to stabilize and loses badly. It is up to you to know how to use it.


A hero that gives the most physical attack hero a single point of action disruption with debuff cut disabled.
This makes it strong against players with a single point of focus on a single physical DPS.
It is difficult to be consistent, as it has higher power requirements than other controls and also does not hit Dante in the air.
You may consider using it on servers with an extremely high number of K’herk, Dante.
Compared to other Controls, it is also better at non-personnel games.

At the end

Heroes not mentioned here also have their own charms.
However, it is better to choose a hero with many active scenes to develop the game to your advantage.
We hope this introduction will be helpful.


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