[Hero Wars Guide]K’arkh

[Hero Wars]Karkh

About K’arkh

  • Commonly known as the killer squid.
  • When he knocks up his opponent, he attacks with his third skill. This third skill has a doubling damage and can also be multiplied by a critical hit. The result is a series of 4x damage, often taking out the opponent’s rear guard with a single blow!
  • Knocking up the opponent is a combo that can be triggered not only by his own 1st skill, but also by Kai’s 1st skill, Faceless’ 2nd skill, and copying K’arkh or Kai by Faiceless’ 1st skill. Before the spread of K’arkh’s countermeasures, they were nicknamed the “slaughter duo.
  • The knock-up linked attack is excellent, but there is a time lag of about 2 seconds. If K’arkh is knocked down or stunned during this time, it will fail. Works well with Sebastian for both critical support and stun prevention.
  • The probability evasion of physical attacks by the second skill ignores all conditions and can guarantee the evasion rate, and the self-healing by the fourth skill makes it easy to demonstrate durability beyond status. He is considered a hero with not a single skill to discard.
  • After passing the most early stage of Yasmine’s heyday, when both sides have low armor, he begins to show his true potential and is strong in confrontations between teams with less than 800,000 power that do not have Asgard Reinforcement. Asgard reinforcement is heavy in cost, but it is highly weighted toward endurance performance. In confrontations with teams with power beyond this stage, K’arkh’s signature heavy blow will be half-hearted, making it difficult to play an active role.
  • It is easy to understand that if you drop everything else and focus only on K’arkh’s speed and armor penetration anyway, he will be strong in the early to mid-phase of the game, and he will show his ability from relatively early on. For this reason, it has a long period of low power. popular with F2P users.
  • Excellent giant-killing performance. In the arena, he is good at repeatedly playing for luck and making it into the rankings. Since there is an attack pattern that has a 90% win rate against the standard Rufus Dante Iris meta teams, two attacks will usually take them down. This is another reason why they are so popular with F2P users.
  • Massy and Shroom are hard counters. K’arkh loses without being able to do anything because of targeting the summoned small mushrooms.
  • Andvari is the official counter. The knock-up disables can neutralize K’arkh’s attack. However, Andvari’s protection is limited to two heroes plus a barrier, and the situation is often about even, except in patterns where he is paired with an dodge such as Heidi.
  • Although each blow is heavy, the attack speed is quite slow and few. It is vulnerable to patterns in which this limited attack opportunity is destroyed by dodge. Therefore, it is easy to lose against Dante, Aurora, and Heidi, whose first artifact is dodge.
  • As a physical DPS, it is second only to Dante Ishmael Yasmin, but in the 2023 environment, the popularity of Dante as a counter is concentrated in a single place, making it difficult for it to demonstrate its abilities.
  • Since many people are very trained in this hero, the way to defeat him has been thoroughly researched. For this reason, successful defense is almost never expected, and it is rarely placed on defense by the top guilds.
  • Very bad at anything other than versus. Not used first in guild raids or boss fights.
  • Originally the fourth boss of Outland. This is “one of the four Negators of All Creation”. He has a history of accepting the Judge’s persuasion and turning into a hero. It is unknown what kind of Skin Stone K’arkh has.

Flavor Text

Bolts of lightning shatter the skies of Dagan-Nuhr. Tendrils of darkness lash and strike in a mad dance, flowing in the magnetic storms. The Outland gate is open, and you must pass second through them, following after Brog. K’arkh, one of the four Negators of All Creation, look behind! You see these skies for the last time!


Nexus of Horror

  • K’arkh throws into the air three enemies with the lowest health. When the affected enemies fall back down, they get stunned for 2 seconds.
  • Chance to stun is lowered if the target’s level is above 130

Negator of Laws

  • K’arkh opens an interdimensional rift that can block enemy physical attacks for 8 seconds. The hero gets extra energy for each attack blocked.
  • Block chance for physical attacks: 52 (Level x 0.2 + 26)
  • Extra energy for a blocked attack: 15.5 (Level x 0.05 + 9)%

Deadly Tendrils

  • While K’arkh is alive, he strikes every enemy who was thrown into the air. If the enemy level is equal to or less than 130, K’arkh deals double damage.
  • Double Damage from attack: 197,042 (200% Physical attack)
  • Damage from attack: Chance to deal double damage is lowered if the target’s level is above 130.

Survival Factor

  • Attacks against enemies thrown into the air heal the hero for a fraction of the damage dealt.
  • Health recovered: 27.5 (Level x 0.25 + 5)% of damage dealt



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