[Hero Wars Guide]Outland

[Hero Wars]Outland

Outland Explanation

Outland Description

  • There are three bosses
    Vadjar the Incinerator: Strength Skin Stone
    Ilyssa the Weaver: Intelligense Skin Stone
    Brog the Conqueror: Agility Skin Stone
  • Earn skinstone and outland coins daily.
  • Advancing all at once is good when there is the Outland condition for a limited time quest.
  • Once you defeat a boss, you can’t fight again.
  • The maximum level of bosses is 160
  • Heroes who can challenge bosses are limited to a certain number of battles for each boss.
  • Highly effective heroes are almost same as guild raid

Official Movie

Outland’s fourth boss

  • Four bosses in Outland, K’arkh convinced by Judge to retire.
  • “One of the four Negators of All Creation”, that is.
  • I wonder what skinstone K’arkh drops…

Outland Treasure Chest

  • In order of cosmetics, it goes free, 90×2, 4,500, 500×2, 200×2.
  • The best way to use Emeralds is 90×2. 90×2 every day is a good way to spend Emeralds.
  • Hero Skins upgrade are those who take quite a long time to cunstantiate.
  • If you use a lot of emeralds, you should invest in 4,500 intensively during Special quests.
  • Stopping at 200×2 is worst.

Chests and Defeat bosses in Outland

  • Defeating the boss immediately resets the Chest and opens the free Chest.
  • Do not kill the boss before you open the free Chest.
  • If you have a few Emeralds, it is more efficient to open 90×2 before fighting the next boss.

Outland Daily Rewards

  • Compared to Adventure, Outland’s dailies are fewer.
  • It’s better to try to get a lvl 160 boss when you can afford it than to rush to get a lvl 160 boss.

Special Frame

  • Special frames can be obtained by defeating 3 Lv160
  • This is one of the easiest conditions to obtain special frames.

How to defeat the bosses

  • You can challenge the boss as many times as you like until you defeat it.
  • No resources are consumed in the challenge.
  • Because there is an element of luck, you may be able to beat the boss after repeated attempts.
  • Although it may be easier to defeat the boss by manual operation, it is possible to defeat the boss up to lv. 160 by auto operation.
  • The power required to defeat Lv160 with the optimal formation is about 200,000~500,000

Explanation of individual bosses’ strategies

Vadjar the Incinerator

Ilyssa the Weaver

Brog the Conqueror

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