[Hero Wars Guide]Ilyssa the Weaver

[Hero Wars] Ilyssa the Weaver

Ilyssa the Weaver

  • A large number of baby spiders appear. General attacks are effective (Keira, Ginger, Isaac, etc.).
  • The first one appears alone. Cornelius’ 4th skill is extremely effective
  • Martha’s recovery & acceleration is effective against bosses
  • Juu’s percentage damage is effective against the boss battle
  • If Isaac and Sebastian are well upgraded, you can defeat the boss
    -> These two can be used both for guild raids
    -> These two are the top two heroes that all players want to train in the current environment
  • Take 3 heroes from the following groups: Jhu, Martha, Cornelius, Kaira, and Ginger
    ->20,000-50,000 power each is a rough estimate.
  • – Recommend pet is Axel.
    -> Fight while protecting slightly trained heroes with Axel
    -> If they are dropped before Axel activates, you tend to lose
    -> You can win after a few tries

Example of Lv160 defeat formation

[Hero Wars Guide] Battle Ilyssa the Weaver

Upgrade guidelines for defeating Lv160

  • Isaac: about 120,000 Power.
  • Sebastian: about 120,000 Power.
  • Cornelius: about 30,000 Power.
  • Jhu: about 30,000 Power.
  • Martha: about 40,000 Power.

Heroes Stat Sample



[Hero Wars Guide] Sebastian Stat Sumple




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