[Hero Wars Guide]Vadjar the Incinerator

[Hero Wars] Vadjar the Incinerator

Beat Vadjar the Incinerator

  • Yasmine and Qing Mao are good. Especially Yasmine can defeat solo.
  • Yasmine and Qing Mao have a game of luck in evasion
    ->They can win by repeating the same power
    ->Both of them evade the first total attack! is the ideal pattern.
  • Corvus and Morrigan can also be defeated.
  • Vajar use magic attack, it is easier to fight with Rufus.
  • The best companion pet depends on the team -> Corvus would be Albus.

Example of Lv160 defeat formation (Yasmin solo)

Example of Lv160 defeat team (Corvus)

The game is played in fast-forward auto mode.

Upgrade guidelines for defeating Lv160


  • Yasmine: about 80,000 Power.


  • Corvus: about 120,000 Power.
  • Morrigan: about 100,000 Power. health are must.
  • Rufus: about 20,000 Power.

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