[Hero Wars Guide]Understanding the 9 Differences Between Heroic Chest and Soul Atrium

[Hero Wars Guie] Get Soul Crystal

9 Distinctions Between Heroic Chest and Soul Atrium

1. Access to 3 heroes not previously slated for the Heroic Chest

[Hero Wars]Jet[Hero Wars]Amira[Hero Wars]Iris

2. Availability of new heroes not explicitly mentioned for the Heroic Chest

[Hero Wars]JuliusMushy and ShroomKaylaAidan

3. Introduction of rarity as a concept; however, rarity doesn’t equate to strength, with new heroes often possessing higher rarity

[Hero Wars Guie] Soul Atrium Grand Prizes

4. Ability to enhance your chances of obtaining desired heroes through the wish list, though it’s not a guaranteed outcome.

[Hero Wars Guie] Hero Wishlist

5. Fixed rewards: either a guaranteed drop of the Cleaver or 50,000 Soul Coins after 350 runs

6. Engagement in Hero Rating for the acquisition of emeralds

[Hero Wars Guie] Hero Rating Aurora

7. Introduction of Soul Crystals, a daily-clickable resource with a maximum stock of 365

[Hero Wars Guie] Get Soul Crystal

8. You can acquire a minimum of 5 soul stones.

[Hero Wars Guie] Soul Atrium Result

9. In addition to the regular drop results, there is a guaranteed reward.

[Hero Wars Guie] Soul Atrium guaranteed reward

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