[Hero Wars Guide]Daily bonus

[Hero Wars]Daily bonus

Daily bonus

  • Receive one free gift by logging in daily.
  • Reset on a monthly basis.
  • Reward content is the same every month, except for heroes eligible for Soul Stones.
  • Double bonus is applied according to VIP level. Maximum VIP10.
  • If you don’t receive the gift, you won’t be able to receive the later half ones.
  • The later the content, the more important it is.
  • The later the content, the more emeralds you will receive.

Explanation of individual rewards

  • Monthly Hero : The 7th day of every month. If you already own the target hero, you will get the Soul Stone needed to summon it.
    ★Star1:7, ★Star2:18, ★Star3:30
  • Monthly Hero’s Soul Stone : The hero changes every month. The target hero may be specified by the management, or may be decided by user vote.
  • Energy : Energy is gained the moment it is acquired. Be careful when you get it, especially on Fridays when the event often starts.
  • Lesser Hero Soul Stone Chest: When used, you can get x50 of Hero Soul Stone. Often used for Martha and others. Very important!

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