[Hero Wars Guide] Wont Reset, Cancel In-game action

[Hero Wars Guide]Wont Reset

Remedial Options for In-Game Mistakes


If you’ve ever found yourself making an accidental move in our online game, rest assured that you can seek redress under specific conditions. However, we kindly request that you consider this option as a last resort, as it may place an additional workload on our support team. Most players have only needed to utilize this service on very rare occasions.

Remedial Options

You can request assistance in the following scenarios:

  • Accidentally equipping an item to a hero.
  • Unintentionally enhancing your hero or titan.
  • Mistakenly purchasing an item from our in-game store.

Conditions for Requesting Assistance

To be eligible for assistance, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Fulfill at least one of the following conditions.
  • Submit your request within 24 hours of the mistaken action.
  • Ensure the hero or titan you wish to request assistance for hasn’t participated in any battles against other players (including defense battles like Arena).
  • Allow for a minimum of 24 hours to pass since your last request to our support team.
  • Random elements are excluded (e.g., if you couldn’t draw a totem at the Altar of Elements, they cannot refund the emeralds).

How to Proceed

  • If you’ve inadvertently enhanced a hero or titan, promptly remove them from your defense teams in Arena, Grand Arena, Guild War, Clash of World. Additionally, avoid using them in any battles until the issue is resolved.
  • In the case of accidental store purchases, refrain from using the item to prevent any unintended consequences.

Steps for Requesting Assistance

Menu > Support > Gameplay > Submit a request > Gameplay > Game items and resources > Cancel in-game action > Type a message


The following is a case of mistaken Dorian’s ascension enhancement.

I gave Dorian’s armor at Ascension by mistake.
Can I have it restored?
Thank you.

[Hero Wars Guide]Wont Reset

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