[Hero Wars Guide]Trouble Shooting

[Hero Wars Guide]Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting

Here are some common problems that occur while playing Hero Wars and tips on how to solve them.

Screen refresh

  • If you have the game screen open before the event starts. You may have to restart your browser to view the event.
  • Receiving prizes after the event ends requires restarting the browser
  • Valkyrie’s favor cannot be received until the browser is started and restarted after 5:00 a.m.

Skill details are not displayed

  • Settings -> Complete Skill Info (check on)

Cannot fast forward the battle

  • The battle fast-forward shortcut requires “Valkyrie’s Favor”.

The battle screen is dark and music is playing

  • If the battle screen is dark and music is playing, be careful. The battle will proceed without activating skills. At this time, drop the browser and it will switch to auto. (This can be extremely rare if the PC has an error during communication.)

Skill activation is not possible during the battle.

  • Mouse operation is sometimes unresponsive, but keyboard shortcuts are stable (not available in safari)
  • Keyboard shortcut notes Keyboard operation does not work if full/half-width or conversion is turned on Note that guild fights and dungeons after chat are prone to failure.
    * This is for player who use multi-byte languages as standard characters in their OS

Combat results may vary

  • Combat results in Hero Wars may differ from the actual results of play.
  • Most often the cause is that the screen was open for too long and a timeout process was performed, or the combat time exceeded the specified actual time.
  • You can avoid the risk by restarting your browser before attacking a guild battle or guild raid.

Recovery of operational errors

I have summarized it in detail separately.


Playing Environment

Sound and Animation Settings

Screen Settings

Keyboard Shortcuts

Mouse trick play

Time Difference Techniques


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