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What is the type of third artifact?

  • There are three types in total.
  • Classified name of “Artifact Ring”.
  • increase of the target hero’s main stats.
  • Since it is an increase in main stats, it is necessary to consider priority, including anti-dodge and anti-critical measures
  • Easier to upgarde main stats compared to Skins and Ascensions.

Ring of Intelligence

  • Maximum Intelligence +3,990.
  • Targets heroes whose main stat is Intelligence.
  • Because Intelligence is increased, coordination status is indirectly increased. Maximum Magic defense +3,990, Magic attack +11,970, Physical attack +3,990
  • Almost all heroes targeted by this ring are vulnerable to physical attacks. Therefore, it is often raised for the purpose of lowering the risk of being one-shotted by a critical hit. This is because whether or not you get a critical hit depends on how high your heroes main stats are. When put this way, some may think that is about it. Frankly, the premise of attacking the combination of Dante and Sebastian is a necessary measure.
  • Very high number of target heroes; DPS should be a priority.

Ring of Strength

  • Max. power +3,990.
  • Targets heroes whose main stat is Strength.
  • Because Strength is increased, coordination status is indirectly increased. Maximum Health +159,600, Physical Attack +3,990.
  • If the tank is exposed to a high ratio of critical hits, the HP loss is visibly different. Therefore, depending on the environment, it affects wins and losses.
  • Often not so important for non-tanks.

Ring of Agility

  • Maximum Agility +3,990.
  • For heroes whose main stat is Agility.
  • Increases Agility, thus indirectly increasing coordination status. Maximum Armor +3,990, Physical attack +11,970.
  • If you are the main DPS, you will have the highest priority. This is because it can reduce the probability of the opponent dodge the attack.
  • For support heroes such as Nebula and Sebastian, it is very defensive, as it reduces the rate of critical hits while increasing their armor. If the support is dropped early and you are going to lose, you want to start the upgrade.
  • It has better Physical attack growth than the Second artifact. Depending on the skill characteristics, many heroes may be stronger if they prioritize the development of this artifact.

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