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What are the types of second artifacts?

  • Six types in all.
  • Classified name “Artifact Book”.
  • Unique status increase for each hero.

Warrior’s Code (Critical hit chance, Physical Attack)

  • Max. Critical hit chance +2,967, physical attack +3,561.
  • Primarily a critical hit rate artifact. Important for Yasmine and Jhu, but for other heroes, it is sometimes better to prioritize others. At least Sebastian’s priority is low.

Book of Illusions (Dodge, Health)

  • Max. Dodge +2,967, Health +53,394.
  • Mainly an artifact of evasion rate. Heroes whose primary artifact is evasion must give top priority, and there is no room for compromise.

Manuscript of the Void (magic penetration, magic attack)

  • Maximum Magic penetration +10,680, Magic attack +5,340.
  • If the first artifact is magic penetration, it is less important. High importance for other magic DPS.

Alchemist’s Folio (Armor Penetration, Physical Attack)

  • Maximum Armor penetration +10,680, Physical attack +3,561.
  • Importance depends on hero. For Ishmael and K’arkh, armor penetration is the most important status, so this artifact is also extremely important.

Tome of Arcane Knowledge (magic attack, Health)

  • Maximum Magic attack +10,680, Health +53,394.
  • Excellent, but often put off considering the priority of upgrade heroes with this artifact.

Defender’s Covenant (Armor, Magic Defense)

  • Max +8,010 Armor, +8,010 Magic defense.
  • Less important than the second artifact of DPS, but over lvl 90 changes the stability of the tank. Jorgan and Fafnir have almost no trouble without this artifact, so consider preserving the material.

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  1. Axiliflora says:

    example; Corvus has Defender’s Covenant Artifact. So, it’s important for him or not?

    • zero says:

      Corvus is not a very good defensive tank.
      I think, With the exception of the double tank with Aurora, it is an important artifact for him!


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