[Hero Wars Guide]Mouse trick play

[Hero Wars Guide]Mouse trick play

Mouse trick play

Forge Glyph tab

  • Mouse click and hold: a large number of glyphs can be specified by mouse click and hold to specify the number of glyphs to be used

Exchange of guild activity rewards

  • Mouse click and hold: To specify the number of items to be exchanged, click and hold the mouse to specify a large number of items.

Special Operations in the Grand Arena Formation

  • When the “Select Defenders” screen is open.
    The designation of 1, 2, and 3 troops on the right side can be swapped by dragging and dropping the mouse.
    This is a bit heavy operation and sometimes it gets stuck. In that case, reopen the screen with esc or wait a little.

Copying account IDs

  • Click on the account ID on the screen that is displayed with the avatar to copy it.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Playing Environment

Time Difference Techniques

Trouble Shooting


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