[Hero Wars Guide] Mail (in game Mail function)

[Hero Wars Guide]Mail

What is the Mail function?

  • In-game feature to receive notifications and rewards from Hero Wars.
  • It is not a feature to interact with other players.
  • You will be notified of important updates and answers from official support. Not all notifications will be posted. More information will be posted on the Group Gift distribution site.
  • Group Gifts and forgotten event rewards are not automatically added to your inventory, but received in your email.
  • Apologies for problems in the game are only sent out in this email, and there is a pattern of notifications and apology distributions going out.

Specifications of the receipt deadline

  • Counted from the first login time after the end of the applicable content.
  • In the case of special event rewards. For special event rewards, the deadline for receiving rewards is 3 days = 72 hours from the time you first logged in after the special event.

Time difference technique

  • It is possible to let the time pass without logging in after the Special Event ends.
  • By using this technique, energy rewards and soul stones that have a 3-day limit can be stored beyond 3 days.
  • This technique can be used to capture quests for events that start immediately after or 4 days after the event.

Deadlines for receiving each content

  • Special event rewards: 3 days
  • Guild war rewards: 3 days
  • CoW rewards: 7 days
  • Guild raid rewards:14 days
  • Bundle sharing: 30 days
  • Points for Seasonal Events: Indefinite. However, they will be automatically converted to rewards at the end of the event.
  • Season event rewards: indefinite
  • Group gift: indefinite
  • Artifact chest key: indefinite
  • Subscription renew: indefinite
  • Commemorative avatars and skins: indefinite (and will be automatically added even if you do not receive them)
  • Summer Festival auto-conversion item: indefinite
  • Spooky Festival auto-conversion item: indefinite
  • Apology for bugs: Varies depending on the time, but all of them have a limited period of time, and you will not receive them even if you have not logged in.

About indefinite period

  • Nothing is automatically deleted.
  • If you have been playing for 3 years, even 3 year old emails will remain saved.

Total number limit

  • If you keep more than 1,000 mails, the newly received ones will not be displayed properly.
  • Once this condition occurs, there may be new emails that are not displayed permanently. Once this happens, there may be new mail that is not displayed permanently.
  • There is no way to check the total number. If you have accumulated a large number of emails, you need to be careful.

Contents excluded from the Mail function

The following are not covered by the Mail function and can only be obtained by manipulating yourself.

  • Daily Quests
  • Daily Bonus
  • Rewards for clicking on Skin Sale Tab (50 each of Skin Stones)


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