[Hero Wars Guide]Basics of Heroes Upgrade (Starter)

About upgrade at the starter of the game

  • How should someone just starting out in this game upgrade?
  • I will explain the basics.
  • The importance of upgrade in the early stages of the game
  • In Hero Wars, people who started at the same time will start on the same server and compete with similar strengths.
  • Then, ranking rewards are given according to various rankings within the server (there are also cross-server rewards, but I won’t go into them here because it’s not worth worrying about them at first).
  • In other words, compared to similar people at the same server, those who upgrade more efficiently will be higher in the rankings and will receive more rewards!
  • These ranking rewards are given on a daily or weekly basis.
  • The difference in these daily ranking rewards will make a difference in your upgrade speed.

Level makes the absolute difference in winning

  • After about a year of playing this game, most players will reach the maximum zteam Level of 130.
  • Before that level is reached, the difference in Level can be a decisive difference in strength.
  • The Team Level is only a cap for the hero’s development, and it is important to actually level up the hero and his/her skills in conjunction with your Team Level!

Upgrade Priorities

  • At the very beginning, there is a limit to the number of heroes that can be upgrade at the same time due to the large shortage of potions and gold!
  • Therefore, in the early stages of the game, it is advantageous to concentrate on a select few elite heroes and to focus on upgrade their level.
  • It is fun to try out different heroes, but if you start doing so from the beginning, you will be at a disadvantage when competing against others.

Knowing which heroes to prioritize

  • The first step in determining which heroes to prioritize is to first select the five people who will make up one team!
  • It is advantageous to prioritize the firepower hero called the DPS, especially in situations where the training of individual heroes cannot keep up with the team. Next on the list are the tanks.
  • The most famous DPSs are Dante, Ishmael, K’arkh, Yasmine, Iris, and Heidi.
  • The most famous Tanks are Astaroth, Rufus, Aurora, and Corvus.

Meta Teams

Knowing which skills to prioritize

  • When trying to increase the level of heroes and skills in conjunction with the team level, most of us will find ourselves in a situation where we can’t increase the skill level enough!
  • In these cases, it is important to know which skills to prioritize.
  • The skills that should be prioritized the most are those that will only be effective if the skill level is above their level. These can be found in the individual skill descriptions, which will tell you if they are disabled or not. Skills with this description will be prioritized.
  • The next skills that should be prioritized are those in charge of firepower, called DPS. Many skills increase firepower in conjunction with skill level, and many skills have secondary effects that depend on skill level.
  • Less important are usually the skills of the tank. Heroes classified as tanks have a strong aspect of withstanding attacks with their status, so their skills have a relatively low priority. However, this condition does not apply to Aurora, as she is a tank who fights with her skills.

Figuring out which stats to prioritize

  • Once you have selected your priority heroes, you need to understand the priority status of each hero.
  • For physical DPS heroes, the Main Stat and armor penetration are important. For a hero with dodge, dodge comes next.
  • For a hero called a tank, Health and Armor are important.

Knowing which enhancements to prioritize

  • When you first start out in the game, there is a tendency to focus on leveling up and collecting equipment.
  • In reality, these are just the introductory reinforcement items, and are less than half of the total strength of the game.
  • Artifacts with a good enhancements, skins and glyphs that can focus on targeted stats, elemental gifts that can transfer the degree of enhancement of titans to heroes, and pets and rises that have heavy enhancement costs but can make an irreversible difference between those who have done them and those who haven’t. By advancing these things properly, even those who started at the same time can be divided into strong and weak players!
  • Of these, focusing on the first artifact and pets in the early stages of the game will make the difference in strength and status easier to differentiate!
  • By prioritizing the use of resources for events to collect artifacts and taking care of daily adventures, the difference in strength will gradually increase!

Can you recover from a training failure at the very beginning of the game?

  • In terms of hero battles, the game design is such that if you play the game long enough, you will reach your growth limit in most parameters.
  • For this reason, the first year or so after starting the game is the time when the gap in strength is the widest, and after about two years, you will be able to challenge the top players to a certain extent.
  • However, the difference in the number of heroes you have trained and the gap in overall strength will be substantially widened.
  • The opportunity to challenge an opponent you have never been able to reach is more than you can get back, and in terms of overall strength, you cannot get back….
  • This is not the case with the Titan game, and you will have a hard time.

Is it possible to start the game over?

  • If you start over from scratch on a new server, you can build on your previous mistakes and start competing again with people who started at the same time.
  • If you are assuming that you are paying a certain amount of money, it is wise to keep your original account. It is important in the long run to have a range of heroes you are developing, because the game balance is such that every hero is given his/her own place to play!
  • If you are not paying for the game, one decision you can make is to start over, as it can be very difficult to switch your main heroes.

How does the game start over?

  • You can create a new character on a different server with the same account.
  • At this time, you will not be able to bring your heroes to the new server. You will not be able to bring your heroes to the new server, only to the older server.
  • Also, VIPs, etc. will not be carried over.
  • Basically, you will have to start over from scratch. You can play on multiple accounts at the same time, if you have time.
  • (In rare cases, some people play only the early stages of the game over and over again.

Change Server

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