[Hero Wars Guide]Soul Stone Alchemy

[Hero Wars Guide]Soul Stone Alchemy

What is Soul Stone Alchemy?

  • Purchase the Soul Stones of a hero who is already a 6 Star at the Shop.
  • If you go to the Soul Shop in this state, you can buy it for the same amount of coins as you bought it for.
  • For example, if you buy a Faceless Soul Stone from the Friend Shop and go to the Soul Shop, you can spend 500 Friend Chip and get 500 Soul Coins.
  • This will allow you to complete the quests of the event just by converting the type of coins, recommended!
  • I don’t recommend returning the Outland Shop and Soul Shop (Outland you want to buy Skin Stones as much as possible, and Soul Shop jets will be reduced to 1/10 coins).

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