[Hero Wars Guide]Yasmine

[Hero Wars] Yasmine

About Yasmine

  • A physical DPS specializing in single attacks.
  • When a critical hit occurs, the opponent is poisoned, and Yasmine defeats the opponent with the pure damage from this poison.
  • Although she is a physical DPS, she lacks armor penetration in her basic stats, resulting in limited physical damage output.
  • In battles between beginners with low armor, she shines as the best hero, but her strength is limited to the early stages of the game.
  • Good synergy with Isaac, Andvari, Morrigan, Sebastian, and Jet.

Yasmine’s Advantages

  • Yasmine has an extremely fast normal attack speed, nearly three times faster than Martha‘s. This allows her to accumulate gauges quickly.
  • Once she gets into the flow of continuously destroying opponents with stacks of poison damage, there is no stopping her. This is known as “La Danse Macabre” or “Yasmine Dance.”
  • Her first skill grants debuff nullification, making it very effective against opponents like Arachne, and useful for attacking CoW Engineers.
  • She relentlessly attacks the last opponent who attacked her, a characteristic that can be utilized by skilled players who can manually time the first skill’s activation.
  • Although her primary artifact is not evasion-based, she has high evasion stats, enabling the possibility of a Yasmine tank when paired with Cain’s patron. Her winning attacks can be expanded with or without a tank.
  • Physical attack buffs from the first artifact and others are extremely effective, as all of Yasmine’s skills depend on her physical attack stat.
  • The critical buff from the first artifact is highly effective since Yasmine’s key skill is inflicting poison on opponents. Increasing the poison infliction rate requires using the first artifacts and buffs.
  • The armor penetration buff from the first artifact is effective in increasing the rate of armor penetration. Yasmine lacks inherent armor penetration, so this buff significantly boosts normal attack damage.
  • Sebastian’s abilities cannot prevent Yasmine’s poison damage. Given Sebastian’s popularity in defense formations from 2020 to 2023, Yasmine becomes an effective counter against him.
  • Her compatibility with opponents is clear-cut, allowing her to consistently win against those she has an advantage over. She is one of the best sub hands for attacking and excels in game modes other than versus. She also has higher power requirements compared to heroes like Jhu and Orion. Especially effective in the Corrupted Galahad battle in Adventure and the Vadjar the Incinerator battle in Outland.

Yasmine’s Disadvantages

  • If K’arkh‘s target overlaps with Yasmine’s target while she is attacking with her first skill, a knock-up will cancel Yasmine’s skill activation, disabling her skill.
  • Similarly, if Yasmine’s target overlaps with Cleaver‘s target while Cleaver is attacking with his first skill, poison will occur, canceling Cleaver’s skill activation, and disabling the skill for Cleaver.
  • Due to the aforementioned reasons, the auto-combination of Cleaver, K’arkh, and Yasmine can lead to a self-destruct pattern.
  • Yasmine’s nature of generating a series of small damage criticals makes her vulnerable to counters from heroes like Helios, who can hard counter her.
  • Corvus can counter Yasmine effectively due to her continuous generation of small damage attacks, especially when Yasmine’s Asgard reinforcement is insufficient. Moreover, Dorian‘s blood-sucking buffs can’t save Yasmine due to her propensity to dive into her opponents.
  • Yasmine’s style revolves around targeting opponents to defeat them with pure damage, making her susceptible to being jammed(Rakashi’s Oath) by a Rufus. Auto-attacking for target Rufus  teams becomes a game of luck.
  • Nebula is a soft counter since her poison damage can be easily undone, although she is easier to beat than Celeste.
  • Celeste is a soft counter, as she can easily undo the poison damage, particularly in combinations with Helios or Corvus, where winning becomes almost impossible.
  • Yasmine’s pure damage is conditional on physical damage occurrence. Therefore, she can be neutralized when facing teams with strong physical barrier skills.
  • Yasmine’s clear-cut compatibility with opponents makes her easily defeated by those who know her weaknesses. As of 2023, she is hardly used for defense in top guilds.
  • Although she is a pure damage attacker, her damage output depends on the occurrence of physical damage, making her ineffective against both “Physical Damage Immunity” and “Pure Damage Immunity” tiles in Adventure 13, rendering her powerless.

Flavor Text

Years spent in slavery made her forget how to love, replacing the sweet feelings with bitterness and defiance. Her master’s favorite dancer and most dangerous weapon, that’s who Yasmine was. Now that the young woman has escaped, her wounded soul is crying out for vengeance!


Dance of Death

  • Yasmine paralyzes the last enemy who attacked her for 3 seconds, appears behind their back, hits 7 times, and applies an Assassin’s Mark. While Dance of Death is active, no debuffs can be applied to Yasmine. When it ends, she returns to the previous position and continues attacking the marked enemy with basic attacks.
  • One-hit damage: 37,552 (40% Physical attack + Level x 40)

Assassin’s Instinct

  • When Dance of Death is activated, Yasmine’s critical hit chance and Dodge are increased for 10 seconds.
  • Extra critical hit chance and Dodge: 38,052 (40% Physical attack + Level x 40 + 500)

Embrace of Pain

  • Yasmine’s critical hits poison the enemy. When poison is re-applied to a poisoned enemy, the duration of the poison debuff is refreshed, and the damage stacks up to 10 times.
  • One poison debuff deals 30,590 (33% Physical attack + Level x 30 + 600) pure damage per 5 seconds

Unknown Toxin

  • Blocks a portion of healing received by enemies poisoned by Yasmine.
  • 20,576 (20% Physical attack + Level x 30 + 1,700) points of healing are blocked per heal

Practical Knowledge of Yasmine

Counter to the Yasmine counters

What is Manual Yasmine?



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