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[Hero Wars Guide] Yasmine Special Offer

Bundle Guide

  • A budget-friendly bundle curated for beginners.
  • Ideal for those eager to kickstart their journey with Yasmine, the game’s formidable hero in the early stages.
  • In the current game landscape, Yasmine proves beneficial for both novice and advanced players, albeit less so for those in the intermediate stage. Eventually, you may consider redirecting your training efforts towards another hero.
  • Estimated Emerald equivalent: 3,527 Emeralds (x7.4).
  • Includes a Raid Ticket, mirroring the effects of the VIP5 bonus.
[Hero Wars Guide] Mega Offer

Conditions for Bundle Availability

  • Achieve completion of the first chapter in the campaign, “City Gate”.
  • Available only once for all players, within a limited 24-hour window.
  • Implemented in 2023. Players who commenced the game before the bundle’s introduction will not have the opportunity to acquire it. However, creating a new account following a server change will grant access to the bundle.
[Hero Wars Guide] City Gate_go

Suitability of this Bundle

  • Geared towards players seeking a brief Hero Wars experience.
  • Tailored for individuals uninterested in reaching VIP5 but in need of a Raid Ticket.
  • Suited for those aware that Yasmine holds early-game dominance, leveraging it to their advantage.
[Hero Wars] Raid Ticket

If You Choose Not to Purchase this Bundle

  • There’s no opportunity for a second acquisition, but all items within the bundle are obtainable elsewhere.
  • While Yasmin boasts significant power in the initial stages, her importance diminishes after a month of gameplay.

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