[Hero Wars Guide]How about that DPS? in 2022

[Hero Wars Guide] How about that DPS 2022


This is the second in a series of DPS introductions.

Please read this as a sequel to the first installment, in which we have selected DPSs that we especially want to introduce.



Satori is a counter to energy gaining skills, and when the opponent gains energy with a skill, it will cause an explosion of damage by granting foxfire.
And with two Armor Skins, it is easy to withstand Physical Attacks. Satori tanks are also in play.
Due to this characteristic, it is strong against Dante with Cain attached. Sebastian is not good at sealing off foxfire.
Often wins even high difficulties without Sebastian in the formation without Sebastian. Attractive as an option.


Strong in a battle between beginners with low Armor on each other.
When the opponent’s Armor rises, it becomes dull and is easily defended by Helios Corvus Rufus.
Against this, Isaac Andvari and Morrigan, respectively, can provide a certain degree of countermeasure against the countermeasure.
K’herk and Cleaver have a disagreement where allies cancel each other’s skills. However, if you are on defense, it works on the random factor.
It is clear who can and cannot win. Yasmine one choice is a struggle, but excellent as an option.
Yasmine is also active in the Outland Adventures and Guild Raids.

Twins (Lars + Krista)

When teamed up with Aurora, Twins, Celeste, and Sebastian, this is an offensive unit that can generally beat opponents who do not have magic counter.
Especially under 600,000 power, where Isaac does not work well, it is the power unit except in the beginning of Yasmine’s heyday. It has a long period of strength in the Silver League and below.
At the higher levels, countermeasures are semi-common knowledge, but there are cases where it can be beaten by the way it is assembled.
Since the way to beat it is templated, defense placement in the Gold League is a no-no, and since it depends on debuffs, it has no place in the Osh battle.
Incidentally, Lars may be used without Krista as a debuffer, but Krista is only recommended for use on the premise of Lars.


Its shot is a total attack, and it attacks twice (one of them is a net damage). Therefore, it melts the opposing team with a fast attack that does not depend on the gauge.
The formation of Andvari, Keira, Nebula, Sebastian, and Jet, known as a Blender, is well-known.
They are weak against Corvus and Yasmine, but can be counteracted by Dorian and Celeste, respectively.
They are good at “maybe we can beat a higher ranked player,” and are suitable for the arena. In guild matches, they are not very popular, both offensively and defensively.


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