[Hero Wars Guide]Orion

[Hero Wars]Orion

About Orion

  • Robotic Wizard
  • Official synergy with Helios, especially with Dorian between them as ODH.
  • The energy charge by the fourth skill is powerful, and the frequency of skill activation is extremely high. Even in a situation without being hit by bullets, the pace is often two attacks for one skill activation.
  • Suitable for quick attacks due to the nature of the fourth skill.
  • It works well with Aurora, Celeste, Nebula, Dorian, Phobos, and Helios. A fast attack team combining these skills can defeat a team with no magic countermeasures at a considerable rate.
  • Strong in a team composition of evasion + pure damage formation. Simply put, strong against Heidi.
  • In terms of overall strength as a DPS, it is inferior to the top teams such as Dante and Iris, but as a magic attack type DPS, it is a top strength.
  • The first skill is a masculine one that attacks the three highest Health Heroes twice each, but it is not easy to use. Some call it a vice.
  • Isaac is a hard counter, and countermeasures and not fully viable. For this reason, if you choose him as the first DPS you bring up, you will have a very hard time. Also, if you use them in a defense team, they are easily defeated by Isaac.
  • Mara’s Patron is often effective in situations where the opponent has no debuff countermeasures, Biscuit’s Patron in situations where the opponent has debuff countermeasures, and Axel’s Patron in situations where you want countermeasures against being hit by bullets. Merlin’s patron has a strong aspect of destroying the fourth skill’s advantage, so its usage rate is low. In addition, Horus’ patron does not provide as much protection from being hit as Axel’s, and is often beaten to a pulp.
  • It is easy to play an active role in versus battles. Besides, there are many scenes where it can be used outside of the anti-personnel battles. Furthermore, it is easy to use even when the training is insufficient. For this reason, it is highly suitable as the second DPS.
  • Non-pvp battles are particularly active in the Outland Brog.
  • Upgrades have a small impact on giving up magic penetration, armor, and magic defense. The magic penetration can be compensated for as long as the first artifact is cancelled, and the armor and magic defense are of a value that does not affect the victory or defeat whether they are raised or not, so it is not necessary to raise them.
[Hero Wars]Orion

Flavor Text

He is the real mystery of the world of the Dominion. Nobody knows which galaxy he came from or what he is doing in these lands. Some people see him as great danger, a messenger from hell, others praise him as their savior. But what are the true motives of this great warrior from a distant planet?


Total Destruction

  • Fires 6 magic missiles at the enemies with the highest health.
  • Magic Damage: 57,688 (45% Magic attack + Level x 50)

Magnetic Field

  • Creates an explosion in the back line of the enemy team, dealing damage over an area and slowing the enemies for 4 seconds. (Slow chance lowered if the target’s level is above 130.)
  • Magic Damage: 24,050 (20% Magic attack + Level x 10)

Antimatter Blast

  • Fires a magic missile at the nearest enemy, stunning them for 4 seconds and dealing magic damage. (Stun chance lowered if the target’s level is above 130.)
  • Magic Damage: 79,788 (65% Magic attack + Level x 45 + 900)

Full Charge

  • Passive skill. Orion receives additional energy with each attack.
  • Extra energy: 550 (Level x 5+ 100) / 1,000



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