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July. events

Official Message

Hello everyone! We continue to steer towards an early announcement of upcoming events and we are eager to share news about the upcoming events!

  • Here is what awaits you in July: Pet Season, Guardians of Outland, Emerald Coins Titan Event, Summer Festival, Foundations of Power, The Elemental Synergy, Titan Brawls, Heroes Brawls, Emerald Coins Hero Event, Great Storm, Cosmic Battle, Time of the Fearless, Legacy of the Great Ones, and even more new things to come, which we will tell you about later!
  • Which events are you looking forward to the most? Share with us on our official Discord channel!
  • Please note that the depicted events may be subject to change — in that case, we will definitely inform you in our posts!

Regarding the June events, the specific dates for the following have not been officially announced yet.

Summer Festival

Foundations of Power

Titan Brawls

Emerald Coins Hero Event

Cosmic Battle

New Hero “Soleil” Appears in Mobile Version

  • Unknown if he Will Appear in the Web Version.
  • He Is a Priest, but Role of a Support, not a Healer.

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

Bug Reward Rollback and Future Game Updates

  • Hello everyone. You’ve provided a lot of feedback in recent days, and we are thankful for that. We are sorry for the delayed responses, but we believe it was critical to come to you with specific answers and actions, and not just promises to relay the feedback further down the line. Now, we have received information and are eager to share it with you
  • The developers have analyzed the situation concerning players who received excessive amounts of resources during the Area of Conquest event. This occurred due to errors in the event, and while these players did not engage in malicious activities from a mechanical standpoint, they still gained an unfair advantage.
  • To ensure fair competition, which is crucial for our game, the unfairly obtained resources from Hero Upgrade Chests have been removed from these players’ accounts. We apologize for the delay in resolving this issue. The developers needed to thoroughly check and process the accounts of players affected by this error 🔍 
  • We received many comments and feedback that the Golden Ticket does not meet your expectations and its content presentation is unclear. The developers will make sure to redesign it in order to make it clearer how it works from the get go.
  • Also, the familiar Golden Threads event is not going anyway – it will return in its classic format this month. Also, just to make sure that it is clear: our usual regular Season Passes will stay the way they are, they and their Gold Tickets will not assume the format that you didn’t like in the recent event. It was never the plan.
  • Another thing: we are aware of the discontent with the new Prestige cycle, especially with the fact that it started late into the day. We and the support specialists have shared your feedback with the team, and developers fully agree that it is an omission on our part. We are sorry for that, and to make up for that yesterday we sent compensation in the form of 5000 Prestige Points to all the Guild Members.
  • Also, starting with the next cycle, the Prestige cycle will renew with the start of the server day on each platform, this way we will make sure you won’t face the same issue next month.
  • Last but not least – The Masquerade skins will become available for purchase for Skin coins later this month 
  • And the last bit of good news for right now, we’ve seen complaints in the past two months about the lack of Emerald Grand Prizes on Mysterious Islands. But, as many of you have noticed already, this “drought” has come to an end: there are a few juicy nodes with Emeralds and other valuable rewards on the last Mysterious Island. Once again, thank you for all the feedback!

Addressing Players Who Used Bug Rewards for Upgrade

  • Q. So if a player has already spent everything, there will be no rollback for him?
  • A. Only resources obtained in excess were confiscated. In the current situation, this was the only optimal technical solution. The developers understand that this could not satisfy everyone equally. As you can imagine, it is impossible in this situation of such scale to address each individual player specifically. Therefore, a script was launched that processed all affected players according to a specific algorithm.

    Friends, there are many changes happening in the game right now, new events are being launched, and we are gathering all your feedback about them. If you have constructive feedback on them, let’s discuss it.
    But if aggressive discussions about the Area of Contest continue, we will be forced to moderate the discussion more strictly. If you have any individual technical issues, please contact customer support. As for the Area of Contest – everything has already been said, apologies have been made, and a commitment to improving this event in the future has been stated.

    But if you have something to say about the gameplay of this event, we would be happy to hear it. Due to the technical problems during its launch, feedback about the actual gameplay has somewhat been muted out, although we have seen many comments that players enjoyed participating in a large-scale event with their guild

Relaxation of Guild Quests

Good day! After gathering your feedback, we’ve decided to lower the requirements for some of the Guild Quests. This change will take effect in a few hours, so bear that in mind if you haven’t completed your quests yet!

Main Updates and Game trends


Guild Prestige & Quests

Guild Quests

Guild Prestige Cycle 2

Guild Quests Cycle 2 Tasks and Rewards

Mysterious Island


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Sigurd (Event)

Sigurd (Event) Tasks and Rewards

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Tier List 2023 (on PvP)

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Which DPS to Upgrade in 2023

Which Tank to Upgrade in 2023

Which Healer to Upgrade in 2023

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Meta Teams

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Titan’s Meta Teams

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2024.Week26

Guild War:Web31-Gold league, Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 33

CoW: Season 7 Temporary Place 11


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