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Secret Wealth Overview

  • Limited-time shop.
  • You can purchase energy bottles and equipment using Emeralds and Pet potions.
  • There are a total of ten boxes of goods, each displaying items based on their drop rate.
  • The contents of the items available for sale vary from account to account.
  • The items on sale change with each update. The updates occur three times a day at 9:00, 14:00, and 21:00 local time, coinciding with the Town Shop.

Secret Wealth 2 and 3 Differences

  • Slots have been increased from 6 to 10.
  • Additional slots can only be purchased with emeralds.
  • While purple crystals may not be highly valuable, they might be worth considering due to their scarcity.
  • The 100 Large Skin Stone Chest offers a relatively favorable rate and should be considered if skinstones are in short supply.
  • Only a very slight reduction in price.

Pet potion

  • Unlike the first edition, there are now boxes available where you can shop using Pet potions.
  • The boxes available for purchase with Pet potions have a low rate. Those who still need pet potions for main pet should not make the purchase. There has been a demand for a purpose for the excess pet potions compared to before. It is believed that these boxes have been provided as a partial response to this request.
  • If you have a stockpile of Pet Potions, depending on your budget, you may consider a bulk/mass reload using Emeralds. In such cases, please refer to the following for Insights on how much you should conserve your Pet Potions.
    ( > Pet Level )

Pet Level

Replenishment with Emeralds

  • You can use emeralds to replace and replenish the displayed merchandise.
  • For the items, those that have already been purchased will be replenished, while those that have not been purchased will be replaced. This action is irreversible once performed.
  • The cost for the first and second replenishments is 90 emeralds, while the third and subsequent replenishments require 190 emeralds. No limit to the number of times.
  • Utilizing this feature solely for exchange purposes is not recommended.
  • However, it is recommended for replenishment purposes. Depending on your budget, it can be a valuable option to consider for replenishing your inventory.


Item 1: 50 Bottled Energy

Item 6: Excellent Selection: Especially the Rune

Item 9: Ruler’s Globus

Probability, contents, and cost of Secret Wealth

Items exceeding 100% offer better value than standard method (ex. Rarity Fair).
Items falling below 100% offer low value than standard method (ex. Rarity Fair).

Item 1

70%1,290 Emerald5 Bottled Energy116.3%
20%2,390 Emerald10 Bottled Energy125.5%
6%4,390 Emerald20 Bottled Energy136.7%
4%9,990 Emerald50 Bottled Energy150.2%

Item 2

65%1,100 Emerald5 Chaos Core87.3%
20%2,090 Emerald10 Chaos Core91.9%
10%3,990 Emerald20 Chaos Core96.2%
5%9,890 Emerald55 Chaos Core106.8%

Item 3

65%890 Emerald200 Choice of Crystal53.9%
25%1,690 Emerald400 Choice of Crystal56.8%
10%3,890 Emerald1000 Choice of Crystal61.7%
65%890 Emerald100 Choice of Vibrant Crystal55.1%
25%1,690 Emerald200 Choice of Vibrant Crystal58%
10%3,890 Emerald500 Choice of Vibrant Crystal63%
65%890 Emerald50 Choice of Radiant Crystal55.1%
25%1,690 Emerald100 Choice of Radiant Crystal58%
10%3,890 Emerald250 Choice of Radiant Crystal63%

Item 4

65%1,290 Emerald100 Choice of Insignia38%
25%2,490 Emerald200 Choice of Insignia39.4%
10%4,790 Emerald400 Choice of Insignia40.9%
65%1,290 Emerald50 Choice of Greater Insignia38%
25%2,490 Emerald100 Choice of Greater Insignia39.4%
10%4,790 Emerald200 Choice of Greater Insignia40.9%

Item 5

65%1,890 Emerald10 Large Skin Stone Chest101.6%
20%3,590 Emerald20 Large Skin Stone Chest107%
10%6,590 Emerald40 Large Skin Stone Chest116.5%
5%14,990 Emerald100 Large Skin Stone Chest128.1%

Item 6 (* Pet Potion)

10%37,500 Pet Potion15 Chaos Core76.8%
10%40,000 Pet Potion40 Great enchantment rune100%
10%40,000 Pet Potion250 Flawless Artifact Essence60%
10%40,000 Pet Potion250 Flawless Artifact Scroll60%
10%40,000 Pet Potion250 Flawless Artifact Metal60%
10%40,000 Pet Potion70 Chest of Random Crystals49.9%
10%37,500 Pet Potion50 Chest of Random Insignia49%
10%40,000 Pet Potion2 Lesser Hero Soul Stone Chest100%
10%40,000 Pet Potion80 Titan Artifact Sphere90%
10%35,000 Pet Potion25 Summoning Sphere46.4%

Item 7

5%2,000 Emerald1 Diviner’s Orb100%
5%2,000 Emerald1 Staff of Selena’s Halo100%
5%1,600 Emerald1 Enigma’s Chronicles100%
5%1,600 Emerald1 Thieves Guild Sign100%
5%1,600 Emerald1 Citadel Guardian100%
5%1,600 Emerald1 La Mort’s Card100%
5%1,600 Emerald1 Alchemist’s Set100%
5%1,600 Emerald1 Enigma’s Chronicles100%
5%1,600 Emerald1 La Mort’s Card100%
5%1,600 Emerald1 Lycanthrope’s Fang100%
5%1,350 Emerald1 All-seer94.8%
5%1,600 Emerald1 Gro Bulgor’s Poleaxe100%
5%1,300 Emerald1 Apostle’s Mace98.5%
5%1,600 Emerald1 Throwing Knives100%
5%1,600 Emerald1 Riversar’s Tiara100%
5%1,600 Emerald1 Harunian Helm100%
5%2,000 Emerald1 World Tremor100%
5%1,600 Emerald1 Enchanted Chain100%
5%1,600 Emerald1 Thieves Guild Sign100%
5%1,600 Emerald1 Hellion Harpoon100%

Item 8

10%4,000 Emerald1 Aigrette of Nocturnal Cicadas100%
10%4,000 Emerald1 Andvari’s Fortitude Support100%
10%4,000 Emerald1 Jarugardi’s Sneer100%
10%4,000 Emerald1 Dragon’s Heart100%
10%4,000 Emerald1 Devourer of Mages100%
10%4,200 Emerald1 Asklepius’ Staff99%
10%4,200 Emerald1 Blued Plate Armor99%
10%4,000 Emerald1 Blade of the Immortals100%
10%4,000 Emerald1 Staff of Neutralization100%
10%4,000 Emerald1 Evening Curfew100%

Item 9

16%6,500 Emerald1 Book of Fate101.5%
15%7,000 Emerald1 All-Seeing Eye102.9%
13%7,000 Emerald1 Creator’s Feathering102.9%
13%7,000 Emerald1 Shining Armor102.9%
17%6,500 Emerald1 Oracle’s Censer104.6%
13%7,000 Emerald1 Archangel’s Mace98.9%
13%7,250 Emerald1 Ruler’s Globus176.6%

Item 10

10%21,500 Emerald1 Unity of Extremes99.5%
10%23,500 Emerald1 Piercing Gaze98.7%
10%26,500 Emerald1 Demigod’s Wreath99.6%
10%26,500 Emerald1 Creator of Worlds99.6%
10%17,500 Emerald1 Key to All Doors99.4%
10%15,500 Emerald1 Light of Distant Stars99.4%
10%17,500 Emerald1 Song of the Valkyries99.4%
10%17,500 Emerald1 Evil Genius Cuirass99.4%
10%23,000 Emerald1 Insatiable Wing Aegis100.9%
10%24,000 Emerald1 Awakened Might100%


  • Wednesday, June 14, 2023 (25 hours) #1
  • Wednesday, July 19, 2023 (24 hours) #2
  • Monday, August 13, 2023 (24 hours) #2
  • Tuesday, August 22, 2023 (24 hours) #2
  • Thursday, September 07, 2023 (24 hours) #2
  • Tuesday, September 26, 2023 (24 hours) #2
  • Wednesday, October 25, 2023 (24 hours) #2
  • Thursday, November 02, 2023 (24 hours) #3

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