[Hero Wars Guide]Secret Wealth

[Hero Wars Guide] Secret Wealth Tab

Secret Wealth Overview

  • Available for a limited time only.
  • Emeralds can be used to purchase Bottled Energy, Runes, Artifacts, and Equipment.
  • The available contents may vary from account to account.
  • The contents sold will change each time the shop is renewed. Timing of renewal seems to be the same as the Town Shop.
  • Energy bottles are offered in three different patterns, all at discounted prices.
  • Runes are discounted by 20%. Normally, acquiring 50 great enchanted runes would require 5,000 emeralds.
  • Equipment purchase rates are the same as or slightly higher than the rare fair, so they can be disregarded.
  • The event duration is 25 hours, not 24 hours.
  • Equipment display buggy in some cases.

Official message: Check Out the Time-Limited Tab!

  • Take advantage of this unique opportunity! Make sure to visit the new time-limited “Secret Wealth” discount tab of the Merchant on the main square of Strongford to buy equipment and other resources that will make your Heroes even stronger!
  • Please note that the “Secret Wealth” tab is time-limited and will last until June 15, 12 PM UTC, hurry up!

Display during the fair

Items of Bottled energy

  • (75% chance) Bottled energy x5: 1,500 Emeralds (200 Emeralds less than the Town Shop price)
  • (20% chance) Bottled energy x10: 2,500 Emeralds (500 Emeralds less than the Town Shop price)
  • (5% chance) Bottled energy x20: 4,500 Emeralds (1,500 Emeralds less than the Town Shop price)

Examples of goods

Example 1

Example 2


  • Wednesday, June 14, 2023 (25 hours)

Concurrent Events

Blackbeard’s Legacy

Foundations of Power

This Article is the 1st SW. Please Refer to the Following for the 2nd SW –

Secret Wealth #2


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