[Hero Wars Guide]Nebula

[Hero Wars] Nebula

About Nebula

  • Her name is derived from a nebula. She is Judge’s girlfriend and plays the role of Osh’s mother.
  • She excels in providing support, with numerous active scenes. However, her healing abilities are moderate.
  • If you had to choose between Sebastian and Nebula, I say you would prioritize Sebastian.
[Hero Wars] Nebula

Advantages of Nebula

  • She is a valuable asset in a fast attack team, proving useful in almost all cases.
  • The combination of Nebula and Sebastian, also known as “Nebus,” is effective for supporting most physical DPS heroes.
  • Nebula is also effective when paired with wizards who can form a fast attack team, such as Heidi, Orion, and Celeste. but this case not compatible with Sebastian.
  • If you are upgrade Heidi, Nebula is almost indispensable.
  • Once the fourth skill is acquired, normal attacks are replaced by buffs. As a result, the team tends to deal more damage with fewer moves. This provides a soft counter against heroes like Corvus and Helios, who counterattack based on the number of attacks.
  • Unlike Sebastian, Nebula’s support enhances attack power rather than providing critical buffs. For this reason, it is not countered by Helios.
  • Nebula, who excels in physical attack, provides a significant boost to two heroes side by side. This allows for strategic switches and can benefit underdeveloped heroes.
  • While the frequency of debuff cuts is limited, unlike Sebastian and Khorus, Nebula can counter Yasmine’s poison, for example. Its response range is greater than Sebastian’s but less than Celeste’s.
  • The debuff cut and buff performance improve slightly with the acquisition of the Ascension skill. However, Ascension is not essential for Nebula.
  • The first artifact’s physical attack buff also enhances the buff and recovery provided by Nebula’s skills, surpassing the skill description’s performance.
  • The first skill allows manual manipulation of the point of impact. This manipulation remains valid even when the game is set to auto mode, allowing for semi-automatic-like operation (not possible in game modes with fixed auto, such as Arena). This enables squeezing the gauge of the targeted hero.
  • Nebula has an evasive status. When she is the last one standing, she may buff herself and endure tenaciously. However, she doesn’t possess exceptionally high evasion performance, relying heavily on luck. It’s not a reliable strategy to depend on.

Disadvantages of Nebula

  • Although Nebula often ranks as the second to fourth best player in a team composition, she lacks high offensive power and often falls to a single blow. This leads to a recurring pattern of losing at a certain rate, rendering her less usable.
  • In terms of low power’s Nebula, Nebula can only be relied upon as a countermeasure against Yasmine. Even in that scenario, low power’s Celeste is more likely to perform well.
  • In endurance games, Nebula is frequently targeted and taken down early, resulting in the team’s downfall.
  • As a support character, Nebula is often better left to Sebastian or Fafnir, especially in defensive formations where she is less frequently utilized.
  • The Ascension skill moderately strengthens Nebula. However, the experience is not significantly different. But, In fact, the range of victory with and without the Ascension skill is somewhat wide.
  • Although Nebula is a healer, her skills for recovering HP have limitations in terms of target selection and the amount of recovery. Additionally, her own priority is low, making her susceptible to weaknesses.
  • Nebula does not perform any attacks, and her first and third skills generate damage. This leads to self-destruction patterns when facing Corvus in the CoW factory. While manual manipulation can often solve this issue, it requires considerable player skill.

Flavor Text

Myriads of stars are falling towards their oblivion. Thoughts create new planets and races. Ideas are embodied into matter;
they die and reappear, transforming the despair of death into the joy of rebirth. Nebula knows her war will never be over, for it ensures the welfare of the whole Universe.


Astral Projection

  • Nebula launches a slowly flying projectile forward. Activation deals damage and disperses the energy of enemies in the area of effect. The total damage and the dispersed energy are split between enemies evenly. The projectile can be activated manually, otherwise it is activated when it reaches the furthest enemy.
  • Total damage: 133,220 (120% Physical attack + Level x 200)
  • Total energy lost by enemies: 105 (Level x 0.5 + 40)%


  • Nebula restores the health of two nearby allies and removes negative effects from them. Nebula can benefit from the skill if there is only one ally left.
  • Recovered Health: 45,490 (40% Physical attack + Level x 75)
  • The chance of removing a negative effect is reduced if the level of the enemy that applied the effect is higher than 130


  • Deals damage to the enemy with the lowest health.
  • Damage: 106,350 (100% Physical attack + Level x 150 + 500)


  • Now Nebula’s basic attacks will be switched to support mode. With every activation, Nebula increases the Physical and Magical Attack of one nearby ally by %duration%.
  • Temporary Physical Attack boost: 103,850 (100% Physical attack + Level x 150 + 1,000)
  • Temporary Magical Attack boost: 163,275 (150% Physical attack + Level x 225 + 9,000)

Ascension Skills

Astral Balance Projection

  • Triggering Astral Projection grants the Balance effect to 2 allies, boosting their physical attack by 9,542 (9% Physical attack + 1,500) and magic attack by 15,903 (15% Physical attack + 2,500) for the duration of 5 seconds.

Absolute Serenity

  • If an ally gains a debuff within 4 seconds after Serenity is triggered, Nebula will cancel the debuff and restore 10,185 (10% Physical attack + 1,250) of the hero’s health.



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