[Hero Wars Guide]Why do people say not to unlock Isaac’s armor penetration skin?

[Hero Wars Guide] Isaacs skins

Why do people say not to unlock Isaac’s armor penetration skin?

  • Isaac recently received an armor penetration skin.
  • There is a theory that suggests it may be better not to acquire it.
  • It is recommended to exercise personal judgment in this matter.
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What are the concerns?

  • Guild raid scores may decrease.
  • This skin has advantages and few disadvantages in the game against.

Why are guild raid scores expected to decline?

  • 1. Even with an increase in Isaac’s armor penetration, the armor penetration buff does not increase.
  • 2. The armor penetration buff is crucial for Jhu and Cornelius.
  • 3. Increasing Isaac’s armor penetration may result in faster sphere destruction.
  • 4. If Isaac’s sphere destruction speed becomes too high, the first skill activation count may decrease, leading to a shortage of armor penetration buffs.
  • 5. As a consequence, Jhu and Cornelius, who are pivotal in penetrating armor, may struggle to do so, resulting in lower scores.

Will this scenario actually occur?

  • Currently, it is unknown.
  • A definitive judgment can only be made after thorough testing and multiple attacks!
  • Therefore, it is advisable to exercise caution and refrain from making hasty decisions at this point.

Should I get Isaac’s magic defense skin ?

  • There are pros and cons, but it may be better to forgo it.
  • The reason being that Isaac’s skills are more effective when he receives a substantial amount of magic damage.
[Hero Wars Guide] Isaacs skins

Subsequent findings

  • As of June 2023, we are still in the process of verifying the results, but the initial response suggests that it may be easier to increase the average score if the skin is not used!
  • We think, Taking the skin does not offer significant advantages, but it does come with some disadvantages.
  • According to the results of a certain guild’s analysis, it appears that players who use auto-play have been significantly affected, resulting in an average score drop of about 15 million points. The report suggests that there is a substantial disadvantage for those who use Isaac’s armor-piercing skin while playing the Osh battle on auto-mode.

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