[Hero Wars Guide]Why is Heidi’s Health skin considered risky?

[Hero Wars]Solar Skin 2023

Issues at hand

Heidi will receive a Health Skin addition during the Summer Festival in 2023. Given the potential risks associated with this addition, it is advisable to exercise careful judgment.

  • There is a possibility that attack teams that have been effective in PvP may no longer work.
  • The stability of the Osh level 160 battle may be compromised.

Reasons for the risks

  • 1. Health is a maximum of 251,954 for Heidi, making them the hero with the lowest Health.
  • 2. The Solar skin increases their Health by 106,645, bringing it to a total of 358,599
  • 3. As a result, their Health will reach a maximum of 142%.
  • 4. Gauge accumulation during non-damage periods depends on the percentage of Health reduction due to confidence.
  • 5. Consequently, gauge accumulation through non-damage is slowed down by 42%.

These factors represent risks inherent to Heidi’s character, as she has the lowest Health. Moreover, employing the same logic to determine the gauge gained from a successful dodge intensifies this risk.

Heidi’s MAX Health

Health Skin Sumple

Scenarios where disadvantages are considered

  • Heidi’s strength lies in their ability to immediately counterattack with a single hit from Dante‘s spear, taking advantage of their low Health.
  • If their Health significantly increases, there is a possibility that they won’t be able to counterattack until they receive two attacks. *
  • This delay in Heidi’s counterattack increases the risk of other heroes being taken out by two attacks.
  • As a result, there is a high risk that the attack formations that have been considered effective in PvP may no longer function optimally.
  • They may still be effective against Osh, but the delay in gauge accumulation could lead to instability.

* The actual outcome may vary depending on the specific team compositions and development status for both offense and defense.

Scenarios where advantages are considered

  • This skin is highly effective when prioritizing preventing Heidi from being taken out with a single hit.
  • Until now, it has been somewhat standard to use Astaroth for this purpose.
  • However, the effective team composition for Heidi has changed significantly, and it may be necessary to reconsider from scratch.

Will this scenario actually occur?

  • It is currently unknown.
  • A conclusive judgment can only be made after conducting thorough testing and experiencing multiple attacks!
  • Therefore, it is advisable to be cautious and refrain from making hasty decisions at this point.

Timing of acquisition

  • It is safer to wait for others’ progress in leveling up the skin or acquire it after thorough testing.
  • Recently, there are quests to level up skins, so it’s better to wait for an event and use skin stones instead of immediately leveling it up.

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