[Hero Wars Guide]Heidi

[Hero Wars]Heidi

About Heidi

  • Commonly known as “Monkey.”
  • A magician whose skills deal pure damage.  For this reason, Isaac cannot counteract.
  • Possesses extremely low Health, making them prone to instant death, and their skill damage is also minimal. In fact, they are the DPS hero with the weakest Health and attack power.
  • Over the years, they have been misunderstood as a joke character. Team composition is crucial, and a wrong setup might lead to misjudging them as a weak hero.
  • In reality, although their attack power is low, all of it inflicts pure damage, making evasion and damage reduction virtually impossible to counteract. Additionally, with proper team compositions, they can compensate for their low Health.

Heidi’s Strengths and Team Composition Theory

  • A hard counter to Dante.
  • On servers with many Dante heroes, incorporating them into a defensive teams is highly effective in countering Dante, as Dante cannot defeat them.
  • They can fight quite dominantly against physical DPS, including Ishmael and K’arkh.
  • Their first skill deals ranged pure damage over time. While Dante can often dodge magical attacks while airborne, this skill’s duration is longer than Dante’s airtime, resulting in a situation where only Heidi’s attacks hit Dante unilaterally.
  • Unlike regular evasion, their fourth skill can also evade magical damage and more.
  • Due to their low basic firepower, the most common team compositions include Nebula‘s support and Albus’ patronage.
  • They pair well with Iris or Lian, and when combined with either of them, it becomes the fundamental form of a pure damage team that can handle various opponents.
  • They pair easily with Celeste, and this duo is particularly strong against Dante tanks.
  • On defense, the support from Astaroth Andvari and Dorian is especially effective.
  • They excel in many other game modes such as Guild Raids, Adventures, and Campaigns.

Heidi’s Disadvantages

  • They are extremely weak and require careful handling.
  • While they are strong against heroes with physical attacks, they tend to be weak against heroes with magical attacks. Orion counters to Heidi.
  • They are vulnerable to stuns and gauge-inhibiting effects. They are particularly ineffective against Jorgen, who also has high Health.

Flavor Text

Enchanted by Heidi’s looks? You’re dead. You’ve kept your head on a swivel, slept with both eyes open? No use! An experienced ranger tracks their prey with ease, and the meeting won’t be pretty!



  • Summons a huge mushroom at the center of the enemy team which spreads toxic spores, poisoning all enemies in the area of effect.
  • Poison deals 72,674 (55% Magic attack + Level x 70) pure damage per 3 seconds

Toxic Spit

  • Shoots the nearest enemy with a dart, poisoning and blinding them.
  • Poison deals 79,103 (60% Magic attack + Level x 75) pure damage per 5 seconds

Snake Charmer

  • Throws a snake at the rival with the lowest health which bites the rival, dealing pure damage.
  • Damage: 93,912 (70% Magic attack + Level x 100 + 2,000)

Spy Camo

  • If Heidi isn’t damaged for a few seconds, he receives camouflage that gradually increases his chance of dodging an enemy’s attack.
  • Each time Heidi dodges damage, he gains bonus Energy he would have gained from taking the damage. Can’t dodge control effects. Becomes fully visible after being damaged.
  • Chance to dodge increases gradually from 20 (20)% to 85 (Level x 0.5 + 40)%



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