[Hero Wars Guide]Blender Team

[Hero Wars Guide] Blender Supports

Blender Formation

  • This is a traditional Keira formation and is also the most famous one.
  • It is primarily utilized in Arena attack formations.
  • With Keira’s upgrade, there is a possibility of her making a comeback (although there is also a possibility that she may not). In that case, Keira’s Patron and accompanying pets will likely be upgraded to Vex.

Concept of the Blender Formation

  • Keira’s greatest strength lies in her ability to deliver extremely fast attacks without relying on her first skill gauge.
  • Therefore, this formation is designed to select four heroes who can keep up with her attack speed and maximize Keira’s strengths.
  • Keira’s ultra-fast attacks tend to be slightly lacking in firepower when used alone. To deal sufficient damage, activating critical hits is essential (this aspect may change in the future). However, Keira herself does not possess critical hit stats and cannot activate them independently. This is compensated for by the critical hit buff combo of Jet and Sebastian.

Winning Odds Against K’arkh

While not guaranteed, the winning odds against K’arkh are quite high. Testing battles against the Assault K’arkh resulted in 18 wins out of 20.

Other Winning Odds

  • It excels in giant-killing performance, but it is heavily influenced by the attacker’s critical hits and the defender’s dodge occurrence.
  • Against most opponents, there is a low probability of achieving a giant-killing, but its usage is very low in Guild Wars and CoW battles where winning is expected.


  • There is a saying that refers to using Astaroth instead of Andvari in the Blender formation without preparing for “Astaroth Keira is weak.” However, this saying originated during K’arkh’s dominance.

Role Division

  • Keira: Damage dealer.
  • Nebula: Nebula’s normal attacks act as a damage enhancement buff. Therefore, as soon as it’s Nebula’s turn, you can boost Keira’s firepower.
  • Sebastian: Sebastian’s critical hit support activates quickly and while it may not always be optimal, it can significantly increase critical hit rates early on.
  • Jet: Jet constantly provides critical hit rate through a passive skill. This allows for the possibility of aiming for a low probability critical hit from the very beginning. Additionally, it enables Sebastian’s buff, which would normally be ineffective due to Keira’s lack of critical stats, to activate on Keira.
  • Andvari: When this formation was devised, the formidable force was K’arkh. Granting Keira immunity to knock-ups prevents her from being instantly killed by K’arkh’s attacks.

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