[Hero Wars Guide]Artifacts Will Become Stronger!

[Hero Wars] Artifacts Will Become Stronger

Artifact Upper Limit Expansion

The maximum level of artifacts has been raised. How will this impact the game? What preparations will be required? Let’s consider it from a player’s perspective.

  • Effective from the update on October 20th (Friday).
  • The upper limit for artifacts will be raised from level 100 to 130.
  • Acquisition and utilization methods for artifacts will remain unchanged.
  • Backward compatibility will continue to be provided.
  • Due to a fundamental enhancement in the base stats of all heroes, this adjustment will significantly influence the gameplay experience.

Notable Impacts

  • The Dodge stat will increase. As a result, there will be cases where physical attacks are more likely to be evaded than before. Strengthening artifacts related to Agility will become crucial as a countermeasure.
  • Expect an increase in critical hits, making previously manageable attacks more challenging.
  • As the performance of the first artifact improves, prioritizing synergy with it in team compositions will become crucial. For example, heroes with a primary focus on magic attacks should ideally team up with those possessing skills that rely heavily on magic attack stats.

Overall, will Dodge become more advantageous than its current state?

  • It appears to me that the primary concern lies in whether Dodge will be more potent or weaker when both are at their maximum stats. This hinges on the correlation between the maximum increment in Dodge artifacts and the maximum increment in the Main stats.
  • As of now, this information has not been disclosed. It will be elucidated upon release, based on the outcomes of combat training and other factors.

Priority Stats for Development

  • Currently, there is a heavy reliance on basic acquisition methods, potentially leading to a resource shortage.
  • It is imperative to establish clear priorities for enhancement and focus efforts accordingly.
  • Specifically, prioritize the development of the first artifact for frequently used heroes, as well as Dodge and Physical DPS Agility.
  • For detailed growth strategies, please refer to the individual pages of each artifact in the related articles.

Dodge Artifact

Agility Artifact

Growth Strategies

  • The importance of obtaining Valkyrie’s favor through expeditions cannot be overstated.
  • While backward compatibility is an option, it’s worth noting that up to level 100, steady growth can be achieved within a year without it, even without additional expenses. While there may be a sense of urgency during upgrade, it’s advisable to progress while conserving materials.
  • Keep in mind that future artifact event rewards may introduce new resources.
  • If you want to spend emeralds on the Artifact chest, wait for a Sale event.
  • Bundles are expected to appear, but it is better to wait and see first.

Valkyrie’s favor

Artifact chest

Hero Wars Artifact Chest: 30% off

Sale Event

Availability of Existing Resources at Level 100 and Beyond

  • Flawless Artifact Chest are not supposed to be compatible with the new resource.
  • Other existing items would be the same.

Flawless Artifact Chest

Official Message

Hey everyone, we have important news to share! Our Heroes require a lot of things to effectively protect the lands of Dominion from forces of evil, and one of the things that helps them the most – is unique and powerful Artifacts! And very soon Guardians will get a boost as on October 20 you will get an opportunity to unlock the full potential of Artifacts and make them even stronger!

  • In a few days the maximum level of Artifacts will be raised to 130, and the limit of Artifact stat bonuses will be raised respectively!
  • You won’t need to learn new mechanics in order to figure out how to use the updated Artifacts: their whole idea (and the nature of their stats buffs) will stay the same, and the upgrading process will be equally familiar – new Absolute Scrolls, Metals and Essences will be introduced to level up the Artifacts!
  • You will be able to find these new Scrolls, Metals, and Essences in all the places you expect to — they will be obtainable through the Expeditions and from the Artifact Chest on Airship starting from Chest Level 6.
  • These new materials will be exchangeable for lower-quality materials like Flawless, Superior, Rare, Uncommon, and basic Scrolls, Metals, and Essences. With the introduction of Absolute artifact materials in some Expeditions the rewards will be adjusted to incorporate them.
  • And due to the exchangeability of Absolute artifact materials, you can expect the average quantity of all other less rare materials obtained through Expeditions to slightly increase!

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