[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week21


Upcoming Events

Events in June

As in previous years, the following events may be held

Dominion Day

Event held in place of Unity

Summer Festival

Solar Skins are added. There is a dedicated store

Martha has prepared something truly special and unique

  • It’s been announced that there will be some sort of project early next week.
  • Most likely bundle related.

Official Message

  • And our Martha has prepared something truly special and unique for her beloved Dominion citizens at the very beginning of next week, keep your eyes peeled!

June’s Heroes of the Month are Mushy and Shroom

Hero of the Month

2023’s Beach Skins

  • Mobile version: Iris, Rufus, Satori, and Xe’sha (hero not yet implemented in the web version)
  • It is expected that these will be implemented in some form in the PC version.

Cosmic Artifact Chest Updata

  • Solaris Artifact : Belav’s Greatness will become obtainable from Cosmic Artifact Chest this week.
  • After the addition, 8 Dark and Light Titan Artifacts will be eligible for discharge.

Cosmic Artifact Chest

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

How you proceed with the cheating script

  • Q. Is there any update how you proceed with the cheating script? 2 battle resets in CoW, 2 in GW and 4 for Osh with counter resets every 6 hours is not acceptable. I personally expect that you close this exploit completely and simply rate the battle as auto played if you get a wrong result. I’m pretty sure that all players would accept the rare cases where they get an auto played result in case of a wrong result rather than accepting the current situation which allows severe cheating. In my opinion this is not acceptable. E.g. in CoW the current system allows a player to increase his chances for 3 teams from 50% to 99.98%. Or 1 team from 20% to 99.6%. And this at absolutely no risk as you warn before banning and a ban is even just for ridiculous 7 days. This is really not acceptable. Fix it asap. It really should have highest priority for your development team. No further reaction for 2 weeks does not really show that it is taken serious. Must everyone start to cheat this way, to get the same chances as current cheaters, instead of improving heroes before you seriously address this topic? Even a single reset of a battle is not acceptable imo.
  • A. We are still monitoring and discussing that with the dev team. There are ideas for a more final fix for that, but we don’t have any estimate at the moment. Thanks for the feedback, I will share it and see if that expedite things. Can you also share through the Dromm Bot the exact method/software/spreadsheets you are using to calculate that win probability increase? That would definitely make this request much more solid

Include Eternal seeds in Minion battle rewards

  • Q. Please include Eternal seeds in Minion battle rewards as well… Atleast one seed per node will be appeasing…
  • A. Hey! As you know, Eternal Seeds are the ultimate Ascension resource, and it was supposed to be scarce. But maybe it is too scarce, I will definitely share the request with the dev team

What are the upcoming Titan events?

  • Q. why sneak-peeks old elementals event again??? we need new titan artifact light & dark next event
    I have full max stars old elements getting boring.
  • A. Hi! I agree that we need events for new Titan resources, but also need events for old Elemental Titans – there are plenty of players who don’t have them all maxed out, and all the new players definitely won’t be glad if they won’t have a tool to upgrade their Elemental Titans at all. So there will be events for both old and new titans (or maybe some kind of universal Titan event).

Main Updates


Gift of the Dominion (Add Fafnir)

Elemental Synergy


A Portal Anomaly

Cosmic Season Rewords

Cosmic Season All Quests

Artifact Seal Chest



Why results differ, tests and GW/CoW

About Free to Play

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2023.Week21

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 6

CoW: Season 3 Temporary Place 18


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