[Hero Wars Guide]Why results differ, tests and GW/CoW

[Hero Wars Guide] Hero Wars Tests Diff

Why can’t we win as we tested?

  • There are some problems such as low number of trials, misreading pets, and daring to target people who are adjusting their status, but there are also system functional limitations as of May 2023.
  • Here is an explanation of those system functional constraints.

Restrictions when maximum power is selected

  • Currently, even if the maximum power (MAX) is selected in Guild Battles or Combat Training, the current value of the player is set only for the Ascension role branches.
  • This is the same for Combat Training and Guild battles.
  • The actual CoW and guild battles will often have different results.

Team Power of All 50 Ascension role branches player

Ascension Tree

Example of Team Power

[Hero Wars Guide] Max Power Sumple from All Branches MAX

Team Power of All 0 Ascension role branches player

Ascension Tree

Example of Team Power

[Hero Wars Guide] Max Power Sumple from All Branches 0

Effects with and without Ascension role branches

  • If the Ascension role branches is the same for both offensive and defensive players with the same value of 0, will the results be similar? This is not the case.
  • The Ascension role branches has the property of increasing durability, which favors the defender.
  • As a result, there are many test results that give the illusion of victory when in reality, a person with a weak Ascension role branches cannot win even if he/she sets the offense and defense to the maximum.

Levels considered as a guideline

  • If you want to beat a player with top-level power, the test results of a person whose Ascension role branches has not reached Level 49 are considered unreliable.
  • For this reason, even after the implementation of combat training, there are cases where friends and guild mates are asked to serve as a bare-bones table

Cases of special attention

Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that we can win a case we can’t win.

  • If a person whose Shooting branches is below Level 49 tests an attack on Dante.
  • If a person with a Warrior branches of level 49 or less tests an attack on Ishmael Yasmine.
  • In rare cases, there are extreme cases where an attack with a 0% win rate is mistaken for an attack with a 90% win rate!

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