[Hero Wars]Dominion Day

[Hero Wars]Dominion Day

About Dominion Day

  • This event seems to be a replacement for the event held as “Unity” in previous years.
  • Unlike Unity, this event will be held on a anoter date than Independence Day.
  • Quest difficulty is almost the same as unity, but energy consumption is changed to 3,000
  • Prizes are estimated to be as loose as those of Unity
  • Event considered to be recommended to be lightly flushed

Flavor Text

Welcome to the Dominion Day festivities! Let’s celebrate the bright sun and good vibes with your favorite Heroes! Take a break and smile, Guardian!


Dominion Day Guide

Dominion Day Quest Contents

  • 1. Log in (MAX 3) : Achieved naturally by logging in to Hero Wars every day
  • 2. VIP Level (MAX 5) : Achieved automatically when you meet the VIP level
  • 3. Spend Energy (MAX 3,000) : 3 days x 700 + update time difference
  • 4. Open Chests in Outland (MAX 11) : Use update time difference technique
  • 5. Get Hero Soul Stone (MAX 80) : Use store, time difference technique, and stock chests
  • 6. Arena/Grand Arena Battles (MAX 15): You don’t have to win, just complete them.
  • 7. Open Tower Chest (MAX 40): 3 days x 15 each
  • 8. Complete Event Quest (MAX 38) : In other words, this is an additional reward
[Hero Wars Guide]Dominion Day Quests

All Quests

Note on the event start date

Below, it is better to wait for the event start time instead of doing morning activities, so that you can digest the quests and save money. On the last day, on the contrary, you can make up the shortfall by doing morning activities.

  • Campaign
  • Outland
  • Get Soul Stone
  • Arena
  • Tower

Holiday Chest(Rewords)

Event History

  • Fri, 24 June 2022 (3 days)

Festive Bundle


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