[Hero Wars Guide]Rufus

[Hero Wars]Rufus

About Rufus

  • In the spring 2023 environment, it is the most heavily used tank in defence teams.
  • Iris appeared at the end of 2021 and gained needs as a counter because it was too strong. Until then, it had a certain recognition for its compatibility with Dante and as a countermeasure against Heidi, but the general perception was that it was a professional version limited to top players.
  • Its usability in attack teams is inferior to Astaroth’s, but in practice it is a case-by-case basis.
  • Strong 4th skill that magic damage and pure damage cannot defeat him.
  • Also has armor buff by 1st artifact. Physical, Magic, and pure damage countermeasures can all be done to a certain degree by one person.
  • Because he does not die from pure damage, he can function as a hard counter to Iris in the lead placement.
  • Skills to protect the rear guard are limited to anti-physical armor buffs and magic defense barriers, and only he can counter pure damage. Because of this, when fighting genuine net damage DPS such as Heidi and Maya, there are many patterns where everyone except Rufus is wiped out. This is one of the reasons why it is limited used in attack team.
  • Recommended for beginner second tanks. There are many scenes where it can function at very low power against Iris and magic team fights, and it is easy to use in the second team of the grand arena. You should work on the 4th skill first.
  • The second skill is pure damage. When you need a little more firepower, patronizing Albus can sometimes fill in that little bit.
  • The 3rd skill is a magic damage-only recovery conversion, which works as a sub-healer in the fight vs. magic DPS.
  • Compared to tanks with high endurance such as Astaroth, Cleaver, and Jiri, it is noticeably softer vs. physical DPS. Should be operated in conjunction with dodge heroes such as Dante and Heidi.
  • Counters with Morrigan and Jet that nullify resurrection skills.
[Hero Wars]Rufus

Flavor Text

Who could’ve imagined that Rufus, that merry drunkard, would become one of the revered Guardians? He made a bet with Rakashi the demon, put his soul at stake, and chose a reliable method to win, by drinking his opponent down! Rufus won the bet, and the demon, confined within his shield, became his faithful friend and protector.


Rakashi’s Barrier

  • Rufus covers the team with a shield which absorbs all magic damage.
  • Shield capacity: 339,786 (110% Magic attack + Level x 2,000) damage

Rakashi’s Mockery

  • Strikes the enemy with the greatest magic power, dealing damage over time.
  • Damage: 48,513 (40% Magic attack + Level x 150) for 4 seconds

Devourer of Magic

  • Part of the damage absorbed by Rakashi’s Barrier is converted into the hero’s health.
  • Health recovered: 65 (Level x 0.5 + 10)% of damage absorbed by the shield

Rakashi’s Oath

  • Rufus can now only be killed with physical damage. If the last attack against the hero dealt magic damage or pure damage, they resurrect with a portion of health restored.
  • Recovered health: 502,665 (500% Magic attack + Level x 1,500 + 5,000)


Incurable Optimist

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