[Hero Wars Guide]Best Heroes 2024

[Hero Wars Guide] Best Heroes 2024

Hero wars best heroes

Hero Wars is a game without an absolute powerhouse. However, the occasional updates result in varying strengths and weaknesses. So what will be considered “best” for most players in 2024? I will answer this question through three main stories and one additional bonus. If this helps satisfy your desire to discover the strongest, you will be very happy. Keep in mind, however, that this is more of a consensus among many than an unambiguous truth.

In short, for 2024, Amira can be the top hero of all. Let’s delve into the explanation below.

The era of Amira’s dominance

  • In the past, Amira has held a somewhat controversial position. She serves as a hard counter to Sebastian and Astaroth, as well as neutralizing Dante and Ishmael, who rely on Sebastian’s support. Moreover, unlike other magical attack DPS, Isaac‘s counter is not fully viable. So why was she unsuitable for defense? Because she was weak to hit and lacked magic penetration and magic attacks!
  • Subsequent updates, including the addition of skins, have significantly addressed these issues. The days of relying heavily on Sebastian for debuffs are over, and alternative strategies have emerged. A combined approach of Khorus and Polaris was introduced, with Polaris increasing magic damage, making him an excellent support for Amira and bolstering her defensive capabilities.
  • Thus, the more than three-year reign of Dante’s dominance came to an end, ushering in the era of Amira’s rise. Despite this shift, Hero Wars now has a better overall balance. It’s important to note that while Amira is formidable, she does not have the absolute champion status that Dante once had.

Sebastian’s Decline

  • Once revered as the pinnacle of debuff cuts in defensive teams, Sebastian held an unrivaled position.
  • However, the landscape has shifted, with characters like Khorus, Polaris, and Julius stepping in to fill the role of debuff cutter. In addition, newcomers like Amira, Polaris, Biscuit, and Vex have emerged as effective counters to Sebastian, further eroding his dominance.
  • While Sebastian’s critical buffs and debuffs remain powerful, his status has shifted from being the only indispensable hero in Hero Wars to merely one of the recommended options. Such is the nature of the game’s evolution.

What Dante Lost

  • Sebastian’s diminished role has created a ripple effect that has affected the physical DPS Heroes that relied on him for support, including Dante.
  • In addition, the introduction of Ascension for heroes like Aurora and Heidi, who are known more for their evasive abilities than their physical damage output, has added to Dante’s challenges.
  • In addition, the addition of Red artifacts and Patterns has made it easier to upgrade armor. In contrast to armor enhancement, armor penetration enhancement is not easy. This is because most heroes with the first armor piercing artifact lack versatility. Of course, alternative options like Iris or Fafnir are still available and effective. However, they don’t necessarily maximize physical DPS.
  • As a result, the era of physical DPS dominance has waned, marking the end of the “Dante Wars” era in Hero Wars.
  • As a result, Dante’s presence on defense teams has diminished.

Jhu and Kayla’s Rise

  • While many physical DPS heroes have experienced a decline due to balance adjustments, others like Jhu Keira and Kayla have thrived in the midst of these changes.
  • Unlike Dante and similar heroes, they have been able to maintain their status to some extent by countering the threat of heroes like Amira and Polaris. As a result, they have not been as affected by the changing landscape of the game and have actually seen their effectiveness increase.
  • It’s important to note, however, that Jhu has not supplanted Dante as the dominant hero. Rather, Jhu has emerged as a niche hero with a broader range of utility, allowing for more versatile use in different team compositions.

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