[Hero Wars Guide]Araji

[Hero Wars Guide] Araji

Titan Guide

  • Super Titan of the Fire Element.
  • In addition to its normal head, the Titan has a dragon-like face on its shoulder that spits out flames.
  • Among the Super Titans, the Titan is the most aggressive.
  • The first skill is a 7-second fire breath.
  • The timing of the first ability is important. If you drag the Titan into the underground with Eden after activating the first skill, it will continue to attack the empty space. Also, if it is activated at the same time as Sigurd’s shield, it will be sealed. There is a pattern of self-destruction when it is reflected back at you with the Earth Totem. This skill is vulnerable to stun, and if it is stunned while in effect, it will be interrupted afterwards.
  • Both of Arazi’s skills are designed to indirectly gain a gauge to activate the Flame Totem, making him a good Titan with the totem.
  • The speed skill is strong. It is so strong that there is a winning pattern to mixing Arazi with other attributes. This skill does not depend on power, so it is very effective for beginners.
  • In the early CoW, the tactic of forcing the opposing guild to use up all of their Arajis to attack was very effective because the Acceleration skill is so strong.
  • Perhaps due to the strength of its skills, its stats are the lowest of all Titans.
  • Even though it is placed in the midline, its HP is not very high, so it is easy to be defeated first.

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