[Hero Wars Guide]The Best Titans Tier List

[Hero Wars Guide] The Best Titans

Tier S

Tier A

Tier B

Tier C

Tier D

The Totem Strategy

  • Totem influence plays a more dominant role in Titan warfare than in Hero warfare!
  • Consider team composition around totems, not just the strength of individual Titans. For example, individual Light and Earth Titans may not be as robust as other Titans. However, because of their powerful Totems, they are popular in the defensive formations of top guilds.
  • It is also possible to build a Totem-less teams around a Super Titan, providing an option for F2P players. In this scenario, the provided list becomes a valuable resource. However, this is an expert strategy. That may require the ability to anticipate 60 seconds in advance, the reflexes to spot a one-frame difference, and the highest level of player skill.
[Hero Wars Guide] Titan Totem-less Team

Titan’s Totem-Less Teams

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