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  • Mainstay in the battle against titans
  • Especially strong against favorable attributes, but not exclusively so.
  • In the battle against titans, the difference in totem performance is more important than the difference in power.
  • Cant totems that have reached the absolute star level are extremely powerful.
  • Even for players with expert-level manual manipulation skills, the difference of 2 Stars is usually the limit of a one-shot victory. (a.k.a. Absolution Slash)

How to Upgrade Totems

Water, Fire, Earth

  • There are Star and Level, with the maximum power at 6 Star 120 Level.
  • Increase Star by Altar of Elements or Elemental Spirit Summoning Sphere.
  • Level  can be increased by guild battle trophies or emeralds.

Light and Darkness

  • There are Star and Level , and the maximum power at 6 Star 120 Level.
  • Increasing Star is Altar of Elements or new items.
  • Lv can be increased by CoW battle trophies or emeralds

Notes on Light and Darkness

  • Elemental Spirit Summoning Sphere cannot be applied.
  • Guild War Trophy cannot be applied is not applicable.

Totem activation conditions

  • Obtain the target Totem.
  • Organize Titans of the same Element Totem. The number required is 3 or more for Earth, Fire, and Water. For Light and Darkness, 2 or more.
  • The activation speed increases depending on the number of Titans.
  • It is possible to use the Titan to attack, but in auto mode, it is triggered as soon as it reaches 100%.
  • In defense battles, always auto, always immediate activation.
  • In the Titan battle, the weight of manual operation is stronger than in the Hero battle. The extent to which you can win depends on whether or not you have mastered manual operation.
  • If the number of Titans on the defending team is reduced to the point where the totem’s activation conditions are not met in a guild battle, it cannot be activated in the next battle. This is sometimes referred to as sealing the totem. For those who do not have a strong Titan, this is a good indicator of whether or not a follow-up attack is possible.

Reinforcing Titan with Totems

  • Unlike totem activation during battle, it is always activated.
  • Improves the basic status of Titans of the same Element.
  • Effective even if only one Titan is included in the battle
  • Titan’s power is displayed including the Titan enhancement by this Totem.
  • Target status depends on the type of Totem. Water and Fire are Attack power. Earth is Health.

Water Spirit Totem

Blessing of the Deep

  • Available if your team has at least 3 Water Titans on the battlefield
  • Heals allied Titans and deals damage to nearby enemies for 10 seconds. Each activation splits the restored health between any Titans in need of healing.
  • Damage and total health regen with each activation: 511 – 525,000.

Water Spirit Power

  • Adds stats to all your Water Titans.
  • Attack : 257 – 264,101.3

Fire Spirit Totem

Age of Flames

  • Available if your team has at least 3 Fire Titans on the battlefield
  • Summons a fiery storm that sweeps through the enemy team and deals damage to nearby enemies.
  • Damage dealt to enemies at each activation: 1,425 – 1,462,500.

Fire Spirit Power

  • Adds stats to all your Fire Titans.
  • Attack : 257 – 264,101.3

Earth Spirit Totem

Song of the Ancient Mountains

  • Available if your team has at least 3 Earth Titans on the battlefield
  • Creates a crystal barrier on the battlefield. The barrier protects all allies from any attacks. The barrier loses durability when absorbing damage, but double the amount of damage taken is reflected onto the attacking enemies.
  • Damage absorbed by the barrier: 6,578 – 6,570,000.

Earth Spirit Power

  • Adds stats to all your Earth Titans.
  • HealthP:3,431 – 3,521,370

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