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[Hero Wars] Titan Skins

Titan Stat

  • Level, Health, Attack, Elemental Armor, and Elemental Damage.
  • They decrease in importance from the top to the bottom.
  • Prioritizing the Tank’s level and Health and Super Titan’s Attack is strong, but a sense of balance is also necessary to optimize Totems.


  • 120 max.
  • Elemental Damage and Elemental Armor effects are attenuated by level difference.
  • Extremely important when fighting against favorable Elements.
  • Priority for Tanks is recommended due to the large impact on Elemental Armor.
  • Super Titan is also important as it affects Elemental Damage.


  • The second most important status after level.
  • When Health is prioritized, it is easier to extend the ability to fight in the Dungeon.
  • Health is more important than Attack because as long as Health is high, you can withstand the opponent’s attacks, save Totems, and attack with Totems.
  • Health is especially important for Tanks, and skins should also be prioritized.
  • Health is especially important for Moloch, the Tank of the Fire Titan, whose Totem is specialized for attack.


  • Lower priority than Health.
  • Priority should be given to the Super Titan, which is a source of firepower, to increase its effectiveness.

Element Armor

  • Reduces damage in complex conditions.
  • When attacking, it reduces damage from favorable Elements.
  • When defending, if you are Water, Fire, or Earth, it reduces damage from Water, Fire, and Earth.
  • When defending, if you are Darkness or Light, it reduces damage from Darkness or Light.
  • Note that the effect changes between attack and defense.

Element Damage

  • Increases damage when attacking with favorable Elements.
  • Lowest priority status, as it has no effect on non-beneficial Elements.

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