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One of the functions of a guild

  • Players on the same server can be recruited into a guild.
  • Up to 50 players can be recruited at the same time.
  • Not available at 30 guild members.
  • No ability to add a message when sending. You must send a separate PM.
  • Only 50 search results are displayed, but there is a button to view more results by scrolling to the bottom.

Diversionary use

  • The search function can be used to find out your current maximum power.
  • Can be used to check total hero power and titan power for players outside the rankings

Can be used for the guard function on the initial server

  • When all players have not reached Lv130, the subscription limit can be set to Lv130.
  • When this function is used, guilds can be joined regardless of the membership limit.
  • Therefore, only players who have agreed to join the guild can join the guild by using this function in combination with the membership limit.

How to recruit

  • Search from the guild menu. The last condition entered will be recorded.
  • Send from personal screen

Status Check

The status of the recruitment is displayed in the Chat tab.

Guild Requests as a Player

  • You will not receive solicitations from off-server guilds through this feature.
  • Solicitations will be sent whether you are a member of a guild or not.
  • If you do not want to receive solicitations, you can turn off solicitations in your game settings.

Cross-server recruiting and guilds

See below.

Country Servers and Country guilds

Change Server

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