[Hero Wars Guide] Country Servers and Guilds

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Country Servers

  • Hero Wars is a multinational game!
  • For example, is there a Japan server?
  • Let’s discuss the country-specific servers here.

In principle, there are no country-specific servers

  • Except for Russia, the birthplace of the game, there are no servers specific to any country.
  • Servers are set up for different platforms like the Facebook version and the Web version.
  • However, each server tends to attract players from specific countries.

Platform Specifications

Country guilds

  • Guilds on each server often have a country-based focus.
  • If the language setting is English, you’ll find many multinational guilds. But if a specific language is chosen, players who speak that language will gather together.
  • If you wish to communicate in your own language, you should search for an environment where people who speak the same language as you gather across different servers.

Regarding Guilds in Your Own Language

  • For instance, if there isn’t a strong guild in your language on your server, you can explore other servers where strong guilds exist.
  • However, even guilds in the same language may have different management policies.
  • Therefore, it is advisable to check if your playstyle aligns with the guild’s policies. Well-organized guilds are more likely to be selective in accepting new members.

How to Find a Guild in Your Language

  • One way is to explore the guild member recruitment channel on Discord.
  • In that channel, you can find guild members who speak the language of your country.
  • Another option is to create a sub-account, level it up to 30, and then investigate guilds on different servers to find one that suits your language preferences.

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