[Hero Wars Guide]Best Teams

[Hero Wars Guide]Best Teams

About Hero Wars’ Best Teams

  • Hero Wars is a rock-paper-scissors type of game.
  • Therefore, there is no single team that guarantees victory.
  • You must assemble a winning team based on your opponent’s defense.
  • However, there are advantages and disadvantages among different teams.
  • So, which team should you choose?

The best team depends on the game mode

  • Hero Wars offers a wide variety of game modes.
  • Each game mode has its own set of teams that perform best.
  • For example, the following teams are most popular in Guild Raid, against Osh.

The best teams in PvP

  • The best teams for versus battles are quite intricate. It’s important to understand that you should use different teams for attacking and defending!
  • As of 2023, teams utilizing Dante are currently the most popular. For example, Dante Tank for attack and Rufus Dante for defense, and Ishmael is popular in top players.
  • You can refer to the meta teams list, which is commonly used by top players.

Dante Tank Example

Standard Heroes : Dante, Nebula, Iris, Jet

Rufus Dante Example

Standard Heroes : Rufus, Dante, Sebastian, Iris, Dorian or Martha

Meta Teams

Which heroes should you upgrade for the best team?

  • In Hero Wars, even weaker heroes have their roles!
  • However, teams incorporating the best heroes naturally have an advantage.
  • We have compiled a tier list that top players prioritize each year.

Tier List (on PvP)2023

Tier List (on PvP)2022

Tier List (on PvP)2021

The Best Heroes for Non-PvP Gameplay

  • Non-adversarial competition has different trends compared to PvP.
  • It is more efficient to begin with heroes that can be utilized in both types of matches.

Famous Teams for Osh Battle

Tier List Non-PvP

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